Monday, November 28, 2005

"Kids Today"- Warning: Not for the faint of heart

"Times, They are a Changing!"

By Merle

When I was a kid if I even looked at my Mother
the wrong way it could earn me a bloody lip.
Today, that would be called "child abuse," but
back then it was called "discipline." Today my
mom would be serving life in prison for her
past actions. Of course, back then there was
actually someone home to raise the kids. That
someone was called a Mother.

Today's young generation are severely lacking
in manners, respect and responsibility. In our
race to have it all, greed has blinded us to
society's most important asset "our children."
Instead of taking the time to raise them correctly,
we throw things at them to make ourselves feel
better for not being there. When you're busy
climbing the corporate ladder it's hard to keep
track of what's going on in your own home.

All of the materialistic things have spoiled
kids to the point they expect everything to
be handed to them and think things such as
driving, which used to be a privilege, is also
automatically given to them when they come
of age. Don't forget the insurance and new
car they demand as well.

Remember when you were younger? If you wanted
to drive, first you had to buy your own car
and be able to pay for your own insurance.
That meant that ugly three letter word, JOB.
Your parents made it obvious from the beginning
if you wanted something you had to work for
it. There were no "car fairies" pulling a
brand new SUV into the driveway with a red
bow on it like some teenagers have today.

Our cars were not new. They were usually at
least ten years old with rust holes so big
you could stick your head in them. Sometimes
the only thing holding up the exhaust system
was a coat hanger. Try getting a 16-year-old
to buy something like that in today's world.
If it isn't new, they don't want it. They think
money grows on trees and Mommy and Daddy should
just go into debt so they don't have to be
embarrassed in front of their friends.

By not allowing kids to work for what they
want, they never learn responsibility. Many
times these are the same people still living
at home at 24 years old. They're still laying
on the couch waiting for the world to hand
them something; usually their life. Are parents
really doing them any favors by not teaching
them to stand up on their own two feet? I think

Whatever happened to manners? That used to be
something instilled during the early growing
years. I called people "Mr." and "Mrs.," as my
mother said it was rude for children to call adults
by their first names. I said "please" and "thank
you," held doors open for the elderly and actually
had table manners when I ate at the dinner table.

Somehow along the way in our scurry for the American
dollar, we threw manners out the window. Are these
lessons no longer worthy of our limited time? I
see kids with foul mouths who don't even know
what "excuse me" means, let alone ever use it.
They've never written a thank you note in
their life and are the same people who display
no courtesy on our already over crowded roadways.
We've raised a generation of ill mannered kids
who unfortunately have turned into rude adults.

Without manners and respect how far can they get
in this world? A basic understanding of simple
etiquette is essential in life. No one likes
inconsiderate people, and once exposed as such
those that know them will isolate themselves from
further exposure for fear of catching the very
disease they have.

Society now is quick to blame someone else for
everything that happens to them. That's lack of
responsibility rearing its ugly head. Along with
the "blame game" has come lawsuits. We've become
a very litigious society. Why work for a paycheck
when you can simply blame others for your
misfortune and take their hard earned cash? What
we have going on in society today was created
by a generation of two parent working households
with no one home raising the children. We've
brought this on ourselves, and for what? The love
of money?

There's a problem here, a big problem. Everyone
needs to stop what they're doing and step down
from the corporate ladder and listen. Manners,
respect and responsibility need to be brought
back into child rearing. If it means finding the
wise elder up on the hill who still remembers
these values and have them teach them to our
children or breaking the glass, and releasing
these ancient teachings back into the mainstream.
Our future depends on it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

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