Thursday, December 30, 2010

“Use Social Networking Sites for Your Promotions”

Here's something that you absolutely need to know about affiliate marketing: You have to promote yourself, your website and your products in every way possible. twitter-waves2

Here's something else you need to know: You can do a lot of this for absolutely nothing. Simply harness the power of social networking and you'll find that in this case, it's the free stuff that’s the best stuff.

Social networking is connecting with other people all over the world who share some common interests and goals. Websites such as Twitter, Hub Pages, LinkedIn, Google Knol, Facebook, and Squidoo make this possible.

The reason that social networking works so well when it comes to affiliate marketing is that it's free, but it’s also because people flock to it. People love to meet new people, learn new things, try new things and have new opportunities. Social networking can bring people from all walks of life and from all corners of the earth together.

When you participate in social networking as an entrepreneur, you’re able to both seek out and attract people to you who are interested in what you're doing and in your product and opportunities. You don't have to force anything. You don't have to chase anyone around - because social networks are full of people who are looking for someone like you.

All you have to do is position yourself properly, do some work, and create your own reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable expert and you'll find that the social networks do the rest of the work for you.

My suggestion to you regarding social networking is that you give a fair amount of your time and energy to this activity because it has the potential for bringing in real profits for your efforts.

On each of the social networks that I’ve listed above, you’re allowed to promote your business freely, and although you would never want your social networking to be only about your business, people welcome entrepreneurs with open arms on social networks.

What seems to work very well for marketers is to join several social networking sites, promote their own business, but also be friendly, helpful and encouraging to others in their endeavors.

This gives you a reputation for being one of the “good guys,” and people like that. They like to deal with people who are interested in them and interested in building good relationships, not only in making a fast buck.

Learn about social networking. Learn to take advantage of all social networking can offer to you as a way to develop your own brand and move your business forward by leaps and bounds. You won't regret one moment of the time or energy it takes, and you'll be thrilled that it's completely free!

Additional Resources:

Market Me Tweet brands your tweets
New Twitter Software offers easy personal tweet branding

Download your Free Twitter Report and learn
how to use it in your marketing efforts.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

“Google Adsense for Domains”

If you’re a true online entrepreneur you probably have a few domains that you’ve purchased with the thought of developing a website, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Like a kid in a candy store it’s easy to get a “lightbulb moment” for a new site, buy a domain, and then run out of time when it comes to putting it all together and up and running.

Well, Google wants to help with all that unused real estate. If you participate in their Adsense program where you run related ads on your website they also have “Adsense for Domains”. Now that this is a new program, it’s been around for awhile but now Google has made it easier to use. It allows you to run Google ads on those domains, and possibly make some money while their sitting collecting dust. google-512

All you need to do is change your domain’s nameserver to the following

As soon as the records validate, usually within 24 hours, they'll start serving ads to traffic that comes to your site.

If you need a great web host with affordable rates and tremendous customer service I highly recommend Host Gator.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

“Black Friday Special on Web Hosting from HostGator”

I LOVE HostGator and have been hosting multiple sites with them for years. Their prices are excellent and the customer service is speedy and quick.

They make it easy to set up unlimited domains and sites with just a few clicks of your mouse. So in honor of Black Friday they’re offering fantastic deals. This is their best DEAL in 8+ years of hosting!

hostgator2 Please be advised that this Black Friday promotion starts at 12:00 AM Friday November 26th CST (-6 GMT) and will run until 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) 11/26/2010.

You do NOT want to miss out on this offer.

Without further ado, here is their Black Friday 2010 Special Offer:

They’re offering 50% OFF EVERYTHING From 12:00AM CST – 5AM CST

They’re offering 80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM – 9AM CST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (first come, first receive; so definitely don't miss out!)

From 9AM – 11:59PM CST OR after 80% OFF accounts have sold out, they will continue to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING

That includes Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting AND even Dedicated Servers!

This promotion gives HostGator customers award winning hosting for as little as:

Shared Hosting – $4.95/month AS LOW AS $0.99/month

Reseller Hosting – $24.95/month AS LOW AS $4.99/month

VPS Hosting – $19.95/month AS LOW AS $3.99 First Month

Dedicated Servers – $174/month AS LOW AS $34.80 First Month

As you can see, this is an absolutely CRAZY DEAL and if you’ve been looking for a new home for your websites they really are a great company.

Remember this offer is only running for 1 DAY on Black Friday. Don't miss out on this incredibly deal. Click Here Now to Grab yours!


Monday, November 15, 2010

“How to Create & Profit From Your Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook logo

Image via Wikipedia

If you sell or promote anything online you need to use social media. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, all can be used to drive traffic back to your main site, build your mailing list, even sell more products/services. You can also use them to share news, announce special offers, share videos and to collect feedback from your customers. The possibilities are really endless.

If you have a personal page on Facebook it’s easy to generate a fan page or business page, whatever they’re calling it these days. This Free workbook with PLR rights will walk you through the steps required to create and profit from your own page.

The Steps Include:

1) Define Your Facebook Page’s Goals and Purpose

2) Identify and Research Your Audience

3) Plan Your Page

4) Create your Facebook Business Page

5) Maintain Your Page

Download the free 9 page workbook and the included handy printable checklist at the link below.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

"Staring Death in the Face- Dakota Loyal Until the End"

The other day I received some really bad news. News that maybe subconsciously I've
known for a long time and didn't really want to hear spoken out loud. My son is dying.
At almost 16 years of age his liver and kidney's are failing him. While 16 may sound
young to you, I must tell you that technically he's almost 112. His name is Dakota, he

has black fur and walks on four legs and I love him dearly.

I can still remember like it was yesterday the day he entered my life. For months I had been begging my boyfriend, Jim to get me a dog. Surely, it would mend my broken heart. It was something I wanted so badly. Finally Jim succumbed to my wishes and on Valentines day in the kitchen of our Euclid home presented me with the cutest little ball of fluff. He pulled him out from the inside of his jacket and I instantly fell in love. Taking college courses at the time he would lay on the table and crawl inside the sleeve of my jacket with just his face peering out at me as he slept and I studied.

Naming him was tough. It had to be just the right name. It took me almost two weeks to come up with it. I was driving one day and I said, "Dakota". Maybe I saw a Dodge truck or something. I don't remember exactly how it came to me but Dakota it was and for a middle name it was Arson. He was "our son",so Arson was the perfect fit. Dakota Arson Giallombardo. Now that was a name with substance.

As he grew he was a tough little dog. For years he was my morning running partner. We would get up at the crack of dawn and run two miles through the neighborhood together. He loved it and had a great little body from it, and so did I. He was always ready and willing to go. It was our time together.

You know how they say a cat has nine lives? I think Dakota did. He was attacked by my neighbor's Akita twice and lived to tell about it. Hit by a car, had a broken knee cap and had some skin cancer removed. He took a licking and kept on ticking. He was a manly man and never whined or complained. He took it all in stride and always maintained his joy and sense of humor and recovered from it all. This time he can't. The odds are against him. I know it and so does he.

Time is running out and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Ever since he turned 12 I've expected him to die every year from old age. I always thought 12 or 13 was it for a dog. But I'm a fanatic about herbs and have home cooked for my dogs for years and also feed them Flax Seed, Probiotics  on their food, and he's been taking the supplement Sam-E for about 4 years now for his liver. Perhaps it was all the good nutrition that kept him ticking along all this time. I would like to think my good care had something to do with his longevity. Maybe he just didn't want to leave us.

Anyone who owns a dog knows that one day they will die and break your heart. I guess in my mind I always thought it was tomorrow or next week, or next year. Now I'm staring death in the face every day and I'm afraid. Afraid for my dog, afraid for what I may have to do to my dog soon, and afraid of what my life will be like after he's gone. Fear is my constant companion. I've never had to put a dog down in my life and unless he dies in his sleep it looks as if I'll be faced with this ugly event soon. How can I kill my friend? How do I end the life of someone who's always been there for me through thick and thin, good times and bad and been more loyal then any person has ever been to me? Just how do I do that? How do I kill a treasured family member? I'm not sure I can.

Watching him slowly deteriorate over this past year has not been easy. Where once stood an active healthy dog, now lays a weakened shell of his former self. His eyes are glazed over and sickly. His body covered in lumpy masses, his back legs shake so badly he can barely walk. He easily loses his balance and falls over. His weakened body sleeps most of the day, only waking for food, water and occasional potty break. Is this quality of life? I don't know. All I know is he still has one.

Every morning he wakes up, I give him his meds and we start all over again. Totally reliant on me for everything even carrying him outside to do his "business", as he can no longer maneuver the stairs. My little man has become an elderly sick doggy and I can't stand it. Father time can be so cruel. He strips away our youth, looks, and eventually even takes those that we love. There's no escaping time.

Somehow even with all the sadness I'm trying to enjoy each day with him. I've been sleeping on the floor outside of his cage, just to make sure he's still breathing, or just to let him know I care and I'm close by. Not knowing what or when will happen or when he'll be taken away from me forever. Just the thought of it kills me. I don't know if I'm strong enough to face what's coming. Then I look into his eyes and see how hard he's fighting what's raging inside his ravaged body and I think, if he can do it, so can I. He's so brave and strong, not once complaining or crying out in pain. He has given me unconditional love his entire life, so how can I give him anything less in his time of need.

Thank you Dakota for being the best son a mother could have. You've been the best dog anyone could ask for. You taught me to love again and for that I can never repay you. But I promise I'll never forget you and one day we will be together again. And on that day you will leap into my arms and it will be like we were never apart. That is my promise to you. I love you, and I will miss you every day for the rest of my life. But I will never forget.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

“5 Steps to Writing Your First Article”

For many people, the idea of actually sitting down and writing an article stops them cold. You may wonder if you have anything worth saying, or if your writing is "good" enough for publication. If it makes you feel any better, virtually every writer – even the professionals – start out with the same fears. Really, the only way out is through. But once you have one article under your belt, the next ones become much easier. Here’s a five-step plan to have you on your way to your first article: Green RSS reader

1. Brainstorm topics.

What questions do you get about your topic area? What are the sticking points for newbies to your field? What equipment or specialized knowledge do people need to get started? Make a list of the most common questions you are asked about your business.

For instance, if your niche is freezer cooking, people might want to know:

*How will freezer cooking benefit me?
*What equipment will I need?
*What are the problems I might encounter?
*How much money will it cost to get started?
*What are some basic recipes?

In five minutes, you can have topics for your first dozen articles.

2. Choose one to begin with.

Pick one of your topics to start with. Forget about choosing the "perfect" topic – there is no such thing. With a pen and a piece of paper (or a computer, if that is more comfortable), set the timer for 10 minutes and jot down everything you can think of related to that topic. Don't worry about complete sentences, formatting, or spelling, just get the ideas down.

For instance, if my topic is "How freezer cooking can benefit you," I might write,

*Save money
*Healthier diet
*Lose weight
*Social – can do with friends
*Helps you be prepared and organized
*Less stress

Some people like to use mind maps to create these lists. If you'd like more information on that process, I suggest googling "mindmap software."

3. Organize it and flesh it out.

The next step is to take the outline you created in Step 2 and organize it into common themes. You're aiming for an article about 400-700 words, so three to five main points is ideal. If you have more than that, never fear! You can turn that information into another article.

Then take your outline and build on it. If this is where you start feeling butterflies in your stomach, relax. Imagine you're writing an email to a friend to explain to him or her the topic of your article. Again, don't get stuck on grammar, spelling, etc. Just get the info on the page – you can always go back and edit it (professional writers often create several drafts of their work. Very few people get it right the first time!).

4. Proofread.

Now's the time when you can go back through the article and edit and polish, making each sentence say what you want it to. Be sure it’s cohesive, that the statements flow together, and that it makes sense. Also be on the lookout for places where you can tighten your writing – where you use three words when just one will do, or where there are redundancies. Let each word, each sentence, each paragraph have purpose.

When you think your article is finished, walk away from it for an hour or even a day. Then go back and read through again. By giving yourself some time away from your article, you will pick up previously missed errors or ones that spell check didn’t catch.

5. Submit!

After you’ve written your article and polished it until it shines, it’s time to submit it. Most article marketers submit to online directories – clearinghouses where experts post articles and editors find content to publish. While there are hundreds of online article directories, there’s no need to submit to more than a few. Each has its own pluses and minuses, so take some time to pick the best for your niche. A quick search on Google for "article directory" will bring up dozens of options. If you know of large circulation newsletters or ezines in your niche, submit directly to those publishers as well.

Make sure you follow their guidelines exactly, as some have minimum and maximum word lengths, as well as other requirements.

Article marketing is a valuable free marketing strategy, but it must be used consistently— and often — for the best results. So once you've finished one article, go back to the beginning and start writing your next. Keep the content flowing, and soon you'll see the results of your hard work. You can’t buy better promotion than that!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

“Fun Apps for Your Droid”

Motorola MILESTONE smartphone displaying Wikip...
Image via Wikipedia
Droid and iPhones are so much fun because there are thousands of apps to download that can turn your phone into everything from a personal trainer to a fax machine. It's just downright cool. Even though I've been experiencing issues with my phone since the Froyo software update, I still love my Motorola Droid and wouldn't think about giving it up. Well, maybe for a Droid 2 <grin>

So how do you know which apps to download? Here's a list of my personal favorites. let me know what you think. I use, or have you used most of these on a daily basis. So many apps, but never enough space.

If you think of any I missed please post them in the comments section.

Files Anywhere

Directly upload, download and send files from your Android Phone.  Share, manage, email and fax remote files.


Share contacts info, pictures, calendar events, and more just by tapping two phones together. Works with Iphone and Android phones.


It’s easy to avoid a speed trap when you know where they are.

Where's My Droid

Lost your phone? Send a text message of "wheres my Droid" from any phone to yours and it will start ringing even if it's on vibrate. Cool.


Post to your blog, edit comments and more.

B&B Gallery

A better photo and video organizer then the default one on the phone.

HandCent Messaging

A Better Text messaging program. The factory installed one leaves a lot to be desired.

My Lookout

Protects your phone from viruses and also will locate it for you if lost. Back up your data too. All free.


Know what the weather forecast is in a jiffy and keep your eye on any approaching storms.

Twitter for Android
I love Tweeting from my phone.

Gmail for Android

Access your gmail account.

Alarming Alarm Clock

If you lead a busy life you need an alarm clock. This app gives extra customization to the built in program.


Read and Post Facebook Updates on the go. Be notified immediately of new comments.

SatSports Log

Monitors walking or Running Distance, hiking and bicycling too.

Blogger  Droid

Post Pix to Blogger and more.

Photoshop Express

Photos underexposed. All is not loss, edit them with Photoshop.


Why buy a GPS when it comes built into your phone.

Custom Car

Allows you to put all of your driving apps in one convenient location- Now with three home screens with six customizable shortcuts

Printer Share

Think you can't print from your phone? Think Again. With this app printing out pix is a breeze.


Read more then 700,000 books from  your phone. Free, no Kindle required.


Listen to Internet Radio and customize your own channels.

Daily Horoscope

Call me superstitious but I still get a kick out of reading what the stars have in store for me.


Tether your computer to your phone's Internet connection. Allows your phone to be used as a modem. Nice.

A replacement app for the built in messaging app.Loaded with extras like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures and more.

Juice Defender
All of these apps put a lot of strain on your battery. Last longer with Juice Defender. It’s like Viagra, but for your phone <LOL>

Gives you the ability to take music files and turn them into ring tones.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

“Five Tips to Marketing Your Articles to Get Them More Exposure”

Once you've written and submitted a few articles – hopefully several – it's time to start promoting them. While it's wonderful that you've got your articles out there for people to read and publish, to make the most of them, you have to do a little promotion. There are five main steps you should take to make sure you get the most mileage from your articles:

1. Tweet about your article. twitter-bird-3

Let people know when you have a new article listed in a directory by tweeting a link to your followers.  Letting them know about new information available from you is a quick and easy way to spread the word. A simple tweet should include the topic and the link. Stick to under 120 characters so people have room to retweet your message without having it get cut off.

2. Post it on your blog.

While you don't want to post the whole article, you can allude to it at the end of another post. For instance, "Want to read more about how to train your parakeet in a week or less? Check out my new article, "Tricks and Treats for Parakeets," and then link to the page.

3. Create a reprints page.

Create a list of your articles on a separate page on your blog or website. Link to it from the main page with a sentence that says, "Want more information on parakeet training, or would you like to reprint my work on your site? Click here for more information." Then include links to all your articles, as well as how interested parties can contact you for more information.

4. Link 'em up.

Tell your audience about the information you have available every chance you get. This is why it's great to have multiple articles out there – you can mention a different one in your newsletter, on your Facebook page, in your signature line on your emails, in forums, etc. If you've created targeted, useful content, people are going to want to know about it!

5. Combine them.

After you've authored 10 or 20 articles on a similar theme, combine them and edit them into an e-book, a special report, or an e-course. Add more information, create transitions, throw in a resource or two, and you've got a product to give away or sell.

Writing and publishing your first few articles is just the beginning of the marketing cycle. Think creatively about who would like the information you've written, and how you can get it to them, and you're on your way to creating a steady stream of traffic to your site.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“How to Write a Killer Resource Box”

Article directories clearly state that when reprinting an article, the resource box must remain intact including the link. The resource box is one of the most important pieces of your article marketing strategy. It is what will draw a person to your site, increase your traffic and ultimately your sales.  5-175

Your resource box should include enough information to pique readers’ interest, and have a strong call to action that will encourage them to click on your link for more information. No matter how good your article is, if your resource box does not compel the reader to visit your site and find out more, you have lost an opportunity to earn a customer.

Tips for writing an effective resource box:

1.Don't start your resource box off with your bio. This signals to the reader that your article is complete and that they can stop reading. It’s not all about you.  Instead, begin with a question or statement that will entice them to read more. Example: "Want fourteen more ways to make money from home?"

2.Do not include a full bio. Most people are not interested in your full bio or every degree and accolade you have received. In fact, most people will skim over it and you will lose their interest before they get to your link and call to action.

3.Include at least one link, more if allowed. Look at the resource box guidelines for each directory to find out what you are allowed to include. Most allow one link, some two. Be sure to include as many links as you are allowed.

4.A strong call to action is an absolute requirement. Include a statement which informs the reader what they will receive when they click on your link and how it will benefit their lives. For instance, "Download Joe's free report today for more ways to make money in your sleep!" Offering something for free always works well.

5.Answer the burning question. When crafting your resource box, consider the question all readers ask (if only subconsciously)... “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM).

6.Draft a different resource box to fit every article that you create. If the article is about home improvement, then draft your resource box to tie into that with an appropriate offer and link. If the next article is specific to tool selection, steer your resource box in that direction. Start a file of resource boxes so you can add an appropriate one without recreating it each time.

The resource box is your opportunity to tell the reader what you have to offer and what they should do next. If you can show a reader what they will gain by clicking on your link, you’re almost guaranteed to build your website traffic with the articles you write.

Additional Resources:

Create Video for your articles with voiceover, animations, all the graphics and submit it to 17+ top video sites in 3 minutes flat- Click here to find out how

Here’s where you can get 75 free private label articles:

I'm really excited because I have just heard about a new service that the guys at PLR Pro have just launched to help you get first page google rankings and distribute your articles to high quality sites.

Its called Article Marketing Automation and you can visit them at 

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

"The Motorola Droid Saga Continues: Part 2"

Motorola MILESTONE smartphone displaying Wikip...Image via Wikipedia
So, I finally did it. I broke down and called Verizon yesterday about all of the problems I've been experiencing with my Motorola Droid since the Froyo 2.2 update. Before the update I LOVED my phone. I actually had fantasies of leaving my boyfriend for it, but then the update hit. The update that was suppose to make my life wonderful and bring a little Flash into my life.

Just for clarification purposes Motorola makes three different models of the Droid, the Original Droid, the Droid X and Droid 2. The Droid 2, which might be the way I end up going to solve my problems, comes with Froyo factory installed with a faster processor and an improved keyboard. Obviously, my thinking is it would be free from the update nightmare I'm currently experiencing with my original Droid.

Ever since Froyo it's as if my phone is possessed. It drops calls like crazy, the battery drains faster then a Greyhound racing at the track, and that's with hardly using it. Apps are locking up, and erroring out, and continually run in the background since the App Killer I was using also stopped working along with the 2.2 update. They say it's no longer needed that the new software manages apps just fine. Well, if that's true, why does it always say that apps are running in the background and even when I do a force close, they come right back? Go figure. Can you say annoying.

Anyway, I digress. Being not the complaining type (I listen to enough of that myself) rather choosing to solve my own problems, if possible, I finally made the call. Doing it only after spending hours online doing research, only to find hundreds of other people posting about the same crazy problems on various boards and forums. Apparently I wasn't alone in my new found misery. There were enough people saying the exact same things I was. This at least it verified my sanity. Well, maybe that's a stretch. There were others who had also fallen out of love with their Droid shortly after the Froyo update. Coincidence? I think not!

Upon calling Verizon (great customer service people by the way) they first suggested I update my roaming service which the nice lady said should stop my dropped call problems. My hopes aren't too high that this will remedy my phone dropping every single person I speak with, but hey I'm game for anything at this point. Then she transferred me to their tech department for all of my other "demonic possession" problems.

Upon explaining my problems and all of the research I had done online about others having the same issues she put me on hold to check. When she came back she stated there were no known issues at this time, but I could do a factory warranty swap out of the phone if I wanted to since it was only 6 months old. I declined her kindoffer and told her I'd wait it out for the "fix" that I'm sure they would come up with soon. Others online have said doing a factory reset fixes all,but when I asked her she didn't have much to say. But since she wasn't acknowledging there was a "real problem" what could she say. She did say she would put in a ticket so they would investigate further. I thanked her for her time and said goodbye.

A friend of mine (yes, I have a few)  also has the same phone and we have been comparing notes. She's about ready to throw hers out the window. Rather then calling she stopped into a Verizon store to discuss her problems. Her experience was much different. The salesman told her that they know all about these issues and are working on a software fix.

Two different experiences on the exact same problems. Does that mean I was lied to on the phone?  Or is it possible that the corporate office is so far removed from the actual customers they really don't know there's a problem? Again, this is all my opinion and my theory. But how could two people get two completely different answers?

For now I'm going to sit tight and wait it out. I want to fall in love with my Droid again and get that warm fuzzy feeling when I put it in my pocket.Our relationship needs some repair work and I'm crossing my fingers that Verizon will be supplying a remedy soon. All relationships need work, so why should my love/hate with a Droid be any different? They say "opposites attract".
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

“Offline Article Marketing Secrets”

While most people associate article marketing strictly with online promotion, you can get even more bang for your article buck by promoting your articles – and your business! – offline. Here's how you can turn your online articles into offline marketing engines:socute2010

1. Submit articles to local papers and newsletters.

Many local newspapers, neighborhood associations or local organization newsletters will accept contributed articles. By submitting your articles on a hot and timely topic, you can increase your exposure and potentially gain new subscribers or customers.

To find local sources for your articles, you can do a simple Google search. Enter “CITY newspaper” or “CITY shopper” (quotes included) with CITY being your location, or nearest major metropolitan city, in the Google search bar. For instance, “Tallahassee newspaper” or “Seattle shopper”.

You are highly likely to find multiple small publications in your area. Don't overlook neighborhood associations, as well as schools, daycares, gyms, community centers, churches, and clubs and organizations that create newsletters for their members. If their readership matches your target market, getting featured in these is free and can help you to grow your online business.

Make a list of publication names and contact information, and then either email them a link to your articles, or print out a copy and send it to their mailing address.

2. Share your content with associates and potential clients.

Print one of your favorite articles and mail it to prospective clients, business associates and others who might find the content useful. Include a sticky note that says “Thought you might find this helpful,” and sign your name. Be sure your website address or contact information and a business card are included as well. Then hand-address the envelope, include your name and return address, and drop it in the mail. If you make it a practice to send out a few every week, it can pay off in added readers, website visitors and customers.

3. Turn an article into a press release.

Newspapers are always looking for interesting news and stories they can use for their broadcast or print media. If your article has a strong news hook related to a recent event or season, you may be able to pitch a story as a press release. First, do some research to find out who your best contact at the newspaper is. For instance, if you're a landscaping company, identify who covers home and garden, then read several of their past articles to observe what topics they cover. Next, email or call them. Introduce yourself and ask what type of stories and news releases they want to receive and how (via email, fax, phone or mail).

Once you know what the reporters are looking for, you can direct appropriate stories their way. If your article topic fits, format your article as a press release and send it to them as they requested. Keep in mind that reporters and newspapers receive hundreds of releases, many of which were written and sent by people who haven’t taken any time to get to know the reporters or what they are looking for. By doing your homework and developing a relationship with them, you stand a much higher chance of getting your information published.

4. Create print booklets of your articles.

Take a few of your favorite articles and compile them into a booklet.

Here's how:

1.Lay out the articles in a word processing program ( is free) or desktop publishing software.
2.Add an “About Us” page and contact information.
3.Include a free offer inside the book, if the reader joins your email list.
4.Print one sample booklet.
5.Copy the booklets at home or at your local print shop.

Then, it's time to distribute the booklets.

Mail them to prospective clients.
Include them with all physical purchases.
Offer them as a free gift to subscribers.
Bring them to networking events and leave at information tables or booths.

There are many ways to use offline article marketing strategies to enhance your results. Be creative and search for new places to display articles and locate readers and subscribers. By offering them your well-written articles, you can establish yourself as a local expert and go-to person when they need your services or products.

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Change Your Identity All Over What You Post Online?"

Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt did an interview with the "Wall Street Journal" and suggested that in the future folks will need to change their names to protect their reputation. What??? Sounds a litle crazy to me, how about you? I mean if it's that bad why are you posting it online? Watch the video then let me know what you think.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

“Falling Out of Love With My Droid- Trouble in Paradise”

Motorola Milestone mobile phone, the European ...

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I love my Droid!! That is until recently. About a week ago Verizon updated everyone to the highly anticipated Froyo 2.2 software update. Having read much about the new enhancements that were included I eagerly powered off and on my phone to accept the upgrade. What a mistake that was.

Ever since this update my phone has taken on the personality of a possessed person. It randomly locksup, loses calls, my battery life has become so dismal I'm afraid to actually use it, apps no longer would close with the use of the "Task Kiler and running really slow, like a dog.

At first I thought it was me, but after talking to a few Droid friends who were having similar problems, I did a little research. What I found was highly discouraging. Apparently, there's a lot of people in the world having similar problems, who also want to rip their hair out over this latest and greatest update. Be afraid my friends, be very afraid <grin>

For Example: One of the first headlines I ran across.

"Motorola Droid owners reporting issues with Android 2.2 update"

As I browsed and read more the problem with task killer not working became readily apparent. I wasn't insane after all. Well, maybe I am....but that's talk for another day.

"Problems with Task Killer and Froyo 2.2 Update on Droid"

"Froyo update kills Android task killer apps"

When I first bought my Droid the Verizon rep put Task Killer on it for me stating you had to have it in order to kill all the running apps to save your battery life. Now, the killer has apparently been killed. Aggghhhhh!!

Moving onto the battery drainage problem it appears they're trying to blame this one on Facebook's app but I'm not sure I'm buying that this is the whole cause. I found information that said to make sure you update to the latest version in order to solve this problem.

"Android 2.2 Froyo Battery Drainage Apparently Caused By Facebook App"

So after spending a few hours growing increasingly disappointed over what I was reading. I did pick up a few tips and pointers that you might want to try if you're falling out of love with your Droid with the inclusion of Froyo in your relationship.

1) Delete Task Killer- According to the "experts" Froyo knows when to launch and kill apps on its own and will run much better with this app gone. Again, true or not just what I've been reading. I myself, uninstalled it.

2) Add the Android power management widget to your phone to help shut things down when not needed and preserve battery life. Just long press on your screen and pick add widget the look for "Power Management". Just make sure you have enough open space on your home screen before trying to place it there as it needs 3 rows across to fit.

3) Uninstall Facebook app....then redownload it. You can't really take it out completely but you can go to apps management and remove what you can then go and re-download the latest version.

4) Take out your battery, then put it back in. (not sure what this does)

5) Factory Reset: Last but not least if Froyo still isn't playing nice on your phone do a factory reset. I haven't been brave enough to do this one and am saving it as a last resort  but the research I've read seems to suggest this will fix all of your problems and things will go back to normal. Of course, you'll wipe out everything on your phone and will need to start over, but that's the cost of a buggy update. It's similar to formating your hard drive and gives you a clean slate. If anyone has done this, and life is better now, please let me know. I refuse to go there unless I absolutely
have to.

After reading through hundreds of comments on forums and discussion boards I picked up a few other random tips that may help.

Download Juice Defender- Helps preserve battery life

And to really see what's going on with your phone's battery type this into your handset.


You'll be amazed at the phone info, battery info, and usage stats it reveals.
So there you have it. My own little private hell in a nutshell. No, I'm not taking back my phone, and I do still think that the Droid is the slickest phone ever. I'll just sit back in my corner and wait for Verizon to come up with an update to this update to kill all of these crazy bugs. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Right?? Any suggestions?


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

“3 Idea Hangouts For Finding Red-Hot Ebook Topics”

I’ve always been impressed with those who seem to always be ahead of the pack when it comes to new ideas. When I first started publishingdiamaria information products online, I thought that certain people had a crystal ball they gazed into. Or some top-secret contact who was providing them with inside information. Over time, I realized that it wasn’t magic that allowed these people to come up with red-hot ideas on demand. It was simply that they knew where to look.

I soon discovered many places where ideas seemed to always be found. I call these places “idea hangouts”. Here are three of my favorites where you can find ideas for your next ebook anytime you want. Almost like a genie granting you three wishes...

1. GOOGLE.COM. Google is the ultimate “idea hangout”. There are so many ways to mine the gold in Google’s amazing search database that it would take another article to graze the surface of this enormous iceberg.
What I want to mention are just two quick ways to find ideas by searching Google.

- Identify Listings. Search for a broad topic related to your area of interest or expertise. (I.E. “Tennis”, “Weight loss”, “Homeschooling”.) Look at all of the web sites listed in the index of returned results. You’ll likely find some ideas for information products right there in the first couple of pages.

- Identify Advertisers. You’ll probably notice small ads either at the top of the page or to the right of the page (or both!). These advertisers represent your competition. They also represent your thermometer for taking the temperature of your market and gauging interest in specific topics. Chances are, what they’re selling you should be selling. In both of these examples, you can click through to the web pages of the sites listed and study their respective sales pages. Look specifically at the “bullet points”. Each of these represents a potential idea for your next ebook.

2. AMAZON.COM. From the world’s largest search engine we move to the world’s largest bookstore. At you’ll really get your creative juices fired up. Again, you’ll want to search the listings by entering a keyword or keyphrase into the search box on the main page at You’ll get a returned listing of numerous books, courses and other periodicals. Search these listed items for ideas for your own ebook
. --- Example --- If you were to search for “Homeschooling”, you’d find a variety of ideas just waiting in the listing of books available, including: homeschooling for special needs children, getting starting in homeschooling, choosing curriculum, homeschooling field trips, homeschooling support groups, homeschooling for various ages (I.E. Pre-K, Elementary, Junior High, High School, etc.), homeschooling for Christians, etc.) Any of these listings (and the dozens of others listed) would be great ideas for the topic of your next ebook.

--- Example --- Pay particular attention to the first page of the listing. Amazon ranks their listings based on popularity of actual sales volume. In other words, #1 is a better seller than #50. This is a ready-made indicator of demand!

3. MAGAZINES.COM. After visiting the world’s largest search engine and the world’s largest bookstore, it’s time to take a quick stop at the world’s largest periodical store, You’ll find every imaginable magazine listed at this site. The interesting part (and useful to you as a research tool) is this: you’ll also find the COVER of usually a recent copy of each magazine. That is, you can search for “Parenting” and the engine will return a listing of magazines related to that topic. You can then click on the image of the magazine cover and you’ll be shown a larger copy of that cover where you can read the contents.

(I.E. “How To Raise A Stubborn Child”, “27 Ways Discipline In Public” and “The Real Key To Your Child Getting Better Grades”.) Each of these “cover stories” represents an idea for your next ebook. The best part about it is this: the publishers of these magazines have done the research for you! They’ve measured the level of interest for these ideas and found it high enough to warrant not only writing content about them, but referencing that content on the cover of the magazine! That’s your hint. People want this information.

So, there you have it, 3 “idea hangouts” where you can find ready-made, in-demand, red-hot topics for your next ebook. Happy hunting!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“The Real K.E.Y. To Becoming A Successful Ebook Writer”

There must be some reason why certain ebook writers are successful and others are not. In other words, why do some authors make high six-figure incomes (even seven-figures!) and others barely make enough to cover their hosting fees? There must be some reason for the difference in level of success, right? There is. In fact, there are three “reasons” why that I want to share with you now. 0424001529

I’ve used the word “K.E.Y.” as an acronym to reveal these three elements of successful ebook publishing. 1. K = KEEP it concise. One of the biggest mistakes ebook writers make is starting their project with the idea in mind that their ebook must be a certain number of pages in length. That is, they assume the ebook should be 50 pages or 100 pages or even 200 pages in order to be desirable to consumers. Wrong. Ding. Thanks for playing. Much more important than QUANTITY is QUALITY.

Almost every potential customer in your target market is considerably more interested in learning something useful than they are reading a bunch of commentary that has little or no real value to them. The ability to concisely (yet comprehensively) share content that is practical is a must if you want to be successful in the information business. No fluff. No filler. No fat. Just the meat. That’s what consumers want. Especially today in our fast- paced, instant, I-want-it-now society. And chances are you are much more likely to write a 30 page manual and get it done than you are to slave over trying to measure up to a 200 page masterpiece.

Your first key to success is “keep it concise”. Share what you need to share in the least amount of pages as possible. It doesn’t have to be the great American novel. This isn’t Hemingway. 2. E = ENJOY yourself. I simply must mention that if you enjoy your “work” then you are exponentially more likely to complete your ebooks than those who reluctantly or grudgingly write. Seriously, don’t underestimate what I’m saying here. You’ll get much more done as a writer by having fun with your subject matter.

That’s the beauty of information publishing. YOU get to pick the topic. A topic of interest – of passion – to you as the author. Something you find enjoyable, even exhilarating. To be sure, you want to choose topics that are in demand and have a ready-made audience awaiting who are willing to purchase them. But, at the same time, you can look for those marketable topics that appeal to your interests and expertise. I don’t care

how “profitable” a subject may be, I’d never take it on as a project of mine unless I got some sense of satisfaction or enjoyment in writing about it. Instead, look for those things that you are already talking about anyway. And then write what you’ve been talking about. 3. Y = YIELD results.

Finally, I must exhort you to “yield results”. That is, you simply must stick to it and finish the job. I cannot tell you how many people that I’ve met online who struggle with the affliction “short-of-the-finish-line-it is”. They begin running the race with gusto. They pick their topic like it was a Nike outfit. They outline their ebook like they just heard the starting gun fire. They come up with ideas to include in their work like they were sprinting down the track. And when they round the first corner, they start slowing down. Before they know it, they’re up in the stands watching others cross the finish line. That’s why I am adamant about telling you the golden rule of ebook content:

Never start something you can’t finish in 30 days. With any new ebook you are planning on writing, choose the topic and outline it in such a way that you can complete the content within one calendar month. Anything that goes beyond that period of time is likely going to be discarded somewhere past the starting gate and before the finish line.

It’s important that you set for your goal a reasonable, reachable amount of pages for your ebook ... such as 30 pages. Then, divide that goal number of pages into your 30 days. In this example, it would mean writing just ONE page per day (very realistic!) for 30 days and your ebook will be completed. Victory! The finish line!

Certainly there are a wide variety of other “keys” to being successful as an ebook writer (choosing the right topics, learning to outline well, brainstorming ideas, marketing, etc.) but these three form a solid foundation for you to build upon as you continue to learn more about information publishing. K = KEEP it concise. E = ENJOY yourself. Y = YIELD results. See you on your victory lap!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

"Frequency or Quality?"

"Some people are under the impression that blogs are good for SEO only if they're updated frequently. How much does frequency play into PageRank for blogs and other dynamic sites? "

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Ebook- "Sociable- A Resource Guide to Social Networks"

I love Boogie Jack. He's one of the original "old timers" who was on the web along with me before it was considered cool. He publishes an excellent newsletter that I think everyone should subscribe to and his website is loaded with resources for anyone who builds websites. The guy is good. Can you tell I'm a fan?

Boog has recently relased a free ebook called "Sociable- Resource Guide to Social Networks". It's a quick reference guide to social networks, social bookmarking sites, video sharing networks.  This ebook contains hundreds of sites you can use in your online promotion efforts.  If you like it feel free to pass it on from your own site or blog. You can download it here.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Freelancers: 4 Ways to Get More Clients Today!

If you’re a Virtual Assistant (substitute ghostwriter, designer, copywriter, service provider, freelancer), you know that the one thing that keeps your income steady, is a finding clients. Luckily, there are several ways to keep a steady stream of clients coming in through your door.

Here are just a few:

1. Advertise in Ezines.

There are online newsletters everywhere that accept advertising. The key is to purchase advertising in publications that reach your target market and to create your ad to showcase your expertise. Don’t try to be everything to everyone or you won’t attract clients.

Ad Example of what Not to Write: “Hire me to lighten your workload. I can do everything that you don’t want to do. Let’s talk!”

Ad Example of what works: “Are you ready to get more leads to your business? I will handle your ezine advertising campaign for you. No more searching for targeted ezines, no more writing and tracking your ads. I’ll handle it all it all. My clients experience a boost in subscribers after I complete my ezine advertising campaigns that will pay for my services. Check out my website for testimonials and free tips.”

Recommended Resource: Check out the Directory of Ezines to find Ezines for you (or your client) to advertise in.

2. Write and Submit Articles.

The key is to stay on topic. Don’t write and submit articles about health or pet care. Present a problem in your article and solve it. Make sure your author bio is very compelling to attract potential clients.

Recommended Resource: If you’ve never tried article marketing, I’d suggest this course to get started – or Instant Article Submitter

3. Network where *successful* people hang out.

A huge mistake that VA’s make is to hand out on forums where there are other people struggling to make money. Instead, join a membership site for your target market and you’ll find yourself in the "inner circle"

Recommended Resource: The best place to meet new clients is live and in person. The event that I recommend you attend first is NAMS.

4. Advertise at

One of the easiest ways to get your name in front of business owners looking for help is to join

Again, it is crucial that you list your specialty in order to stand out from the other service providers. But, if you can find a problem that business owners face, and offer to handle it for them, you’ll attract loyal clients who will continue to work with you.

These are just a few of the ways you can boost your client base quickly. What are some of your favorite methods? Please share them below.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

“So What Kind of Articles Work Best?”

Picture of the BMV building on Reforma Ave. Me...

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There are limitless topics that you could write about. But to make the biggest positive impact on your business, the articles that work the best are those that  match the interests of your niche market.

If your business is selling information products to stay-at-home moms who want to start their own at-home business, then you want to write articles that demonstrate your expertise in that area. When those readers get to your resource box at the end of your article, they’ll click on the link expecting more of the same great content. Writing articles for dog lovers, for instance, when your target market is aspiring work-at-home moms just doesn’t make sense.

The best explanation I've ever heard of this was by Jimmy D. Brown who coined the term “useful but incomplete”.  What he meant was that your articles should be “useful” to your target audience, but “incomplete” in that they should lead the reader hungrily to seek more information from you. They'll turn to your resource box in search of more.

Quality is also a key ingredient to successful articles. While anyone can throw together a few sentences, combine a few paragraphs, paste on a resource box and call it an article, this slap-dash method is not likely to produce the results you desire. Quite simply, quality content is the key for any kind of success in article marketing.

Online article directories are filled with articles written by non-native language writers who don’t understand grammar or sentence structure, or by those who have simply copied what someone else wrote and plugged it into an article spinner without thought for the value of the finished article. Using such shoddy marketing methods will never help your article marketing efforts, and will likely brand you as unprofessional and harm your reputation as a business owner.

Most editors in search of content would rather find an expert on or with 10 high-quality articles, than one with 500 junk articles. When editors and readers see junk articles, they assume that everything that person does is junk. Not a great way to build a business!

When you offer well-written, relevant content that helps your reader answer a question or gain new knowledge and understanding of a subject matter they're interested in, you'll establish yourself as an expert and advance your article marketing efforts and, ultimately, your business.

Helpful Resources:

Article Marketer

High Volume Submission Submit your articles to thousands of publishers - with one click.

Instant Article Submitter

Quick Article Pro and Submitter

Write an Article Per Day

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Monday, August 02, 2010

“Who Can Benefit from Article Marketing?”

Article marketing is one of the most popular methods of promoting a business online. Not only is it easy and low-cost, it works and anyone can do it! I’ve been doing it for years, and it’s my number one way of increasing page rank to my websites, and increasing traffic. pencils

By writing articles on your areas of expertise and offering this content free of charge to online and offline publishers, you can:

spread the word to your target market

demonstrate your professional know-how, and

create a body of work that continues to "sell" you and your website long after the initial article creation

Other website owners, bloggers, and newsletter publishers are constantly looking for quality content to provide to their readers. You help them out by providing your well-written, targeted articles. In return they include a plug about you and your business, called the "author resource box," at the bottom of the piece. The resource box includes a link to your site. So, they get free content, and you get free publicity. It's a win-win!

When writing your resource box try to entice people to click by offering something of value if they stop by for a visit. Use good copy writing skills to get the reader to take action.

You may be wondering if article marketing will work for your niche or industry. The short answer is yes! There are blogs and newsletters and ezines and websites on just about every topic under the sun, from accounting to Zoroastrianism.

Here's a short list of businesses that can benefit from article marketing:

Service providers.
Affiliate marketers.
Ebook Authors.
Infoproduct sellers.
Online Store owners.
Coaches and consultants.
Membership site owners.
Network marketers.

In short, if you're selling something or trying to drive traffic to your website or blog, article marketing is for you. It's one of the most efficient ways to attract targeted visitors, to build trust among your readers, and to gain new customers or clients.

Here are some broad examples:

Bloggers can use article marketing to attract readers to their blogs and increase their subscriber base.

Webmasters can use article marketing to create valuable backlinks, and increase website traffic.

Writers can use article marketing to exhibit their writing skills, educate readers, and attract clients.

Hairstylists can use article marketing to share hair care tips, showcase their expertise, and attract business to their salons.

Dog trainers can use article marketing to share dog training lessons, and inform the public about the needs at a local shelter.

Whatever your passion, article marketing can benefit you and your business. When used correctly, it can successfully attract targeted traffic to your website or blog, grow your mailing list, help you become an expert in your field, build trust with your readers, make your website more popular, spread your name and website across the Web, add backlinks to your site, allow you to "advertise" free, brand yourself and your business, and generate sales.

As you can see, the benefits of article marketing are numerous.

Who can benefit from article marketing? You! And, it starts with just one article. So what are you waiting for, get busy!

Additional Resources to help:

Create Video for your articles with voiceover, animations, all the graphics and submit it to 17+ top video sites in 3 minutes flat- Click here to find out how


You can now take all of your articles and turn them into
web pages instantly. All you need to do is create a
template for your articles, determine where the text of the
article will go, and use this easy to use software to turn
them into a complete website.

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