Saturday, December 04, 2010

“Google Adsense for Domains”

If you’re a true online entrepreneur you probably have a few domains that you’ve purchased with the thought of developing a website, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Like a kid in a candy store it’s easy to get a “lightbulb moment” for a new site, buy a domain, and then run out of time when it comes to putting it all together and up and running.

Well, Google wants to help with all that unused real estate. If you participate in their Adsense program where you run related ads on your website they also have “Adsense for Domains”. Now that this is a new program, it’s been around for awhile but now Google has made it easier to use. It allows you to run Google ads on those domains, and possibly make some money while their sitting collecting dust. google-512

All you need to do is change your domain’s nameserver to the following

As soon as the records validate, usually within 24 hours, they'll start serving ads to traffic that comes to your site.

If you need a great web host with affordable rates and tremendous customer service I highly recommend Host Gator.

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  1. Cdesk20106:46 AM

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  2. Great article, Christopher !

    I would like to add that the new .co domain is a great alternative to .com.

    1. Only 500.000 registered until now since the launch in June. 176m .com to compare
    2. Google has approved .co as a domain for international use, meaning that their search engine sees .co websites as interesting both for their local and global search engine.


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