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““Need Quality Content for Your Blog or Website?”

The life of an internet marketer revolves around one thing: Content. You need articles for your blog, more great content for your newsletter or ezine, and even more quality articles if you plan to do article marketing or guest blogging to get free advertising for your website. So, before you throw in the towel completely, let me share a few ideas with you that may help you to actually have time away from your computer. twitter_256 (2)

When looking for articles, you have several options. I personally recommend that you use several of these suggestions to add a variety of content to your websites.

I'll start with a few of my favorites...

Grab some Free Reprint Articles at the Directories.

Article directories like http://EzineArticles.com, http://LadyPens.com and http://ArticleBase.com are packed with quality articles that you can reprint on your site. The only requirements are that you do not edit the article in any way and that you include the author's resource box (or bio) at the end including the link or two that the author has included to his/her website.

It's a win-win situation. The author gets free advertising. You, the publisher, get free content.

There are three negatives to using this type of article.

· First is the issue of duplicate content. You're sharing the same exact articles as everyone else that uses that directory. This is not a big deal at all if you're using the article in your ezine, obviously, since duplicate content is only an issue with the search engines. It's also not a huge issue for your blog or website, as long as you write an introduction to the article, and preferably a wrap-up statement or recommendation at the end.

· Second is the very difficult issue of finding quality content. Gone are the days of grabbing any old free reprint article. You want Expert Content only – and many of the article directories have “bleck” articles.

· Third is the issue of posting those darn links in the author resource box. You're basically advertising for someone else for free. Ouch.

Good news! I can help you with the free advertising part in the next section of this article.

Use Extra-Special Free Reprint Articles.

Oftentimes ebook owners and other marketers with affiliate programs offer articles with a twist. You get to replace the link(s) in the author resource box with YOUR affiliate link for that program.

Here you'll find many articles that meet that criteria: http://freeaffiliatearticles.com/wp/

OR, if your favorite Experts regularly offer reprint articles, ask if this is an option for you.

That way, the expert still gets free advertising. And, you, the publisher, still get great content. But, you can also benefit by earning affiliate commissions as well.

This model definitely adds an increased level of appeal compared to traditional reprint articles. Wouldn't you agree?

Write the Articles Yourself.

You can choose to write some of your web content yourself. I highly recommend that you do write much of your own content, at least on the sites where you're trying to establish yourself as an authority.

However, there are options below that will enable you to post quality content to your website without having to write all of it yourself. (Some you can just edit and use.) The difference in the options below is that YOU become the expert, rather than endorsing someone else as the expert.

Hire a Quality Ghostwriter or Copywriter.

A ghostwriter is a freelancer who writes for you (usually articles or reports), but you take the credit.

A copywriter specializes in writing copy that sells, and you usually take the credit.

There are many sites on the web where you can find writers. Start by asking around, or go to sites like elance.com (a job posting site) or Shelancers.com (a directory of freelancers) to look around. Having a ghostwriter on hand can keep your blog fresh and active.

Our Favorite Shortcut: Stock up on PLR articles.

PLR articles stands for Private Label Rights articles. PLR articles are usually written by a ghostwriter and sold to several website owners. This means that you (and a limited number of other bloggers) can edit the articles and publish them without being required to link back to anyone or give anyone credit for writing them. You become the expert when using PLR articles.

Customize the articles, tweak them for your market, insert examples or photos or case studies and publish them on your website -- or just use them as they are. Either way, you gain a lot of flexibility when working with PLR. Not only that but they are very affordable.

So, How do you Find a Good PLR Service?

Simple. Find a PLR site that's been around for awhile and offers professionally-written and edited content that's sold in limited quantities. That will ensure that you're not getting recycled PLR, but are getting your hands on top-quality content.

Our Recommendation for Top Quality PLR, Sold in Very Limited Quantities:

EasyPLR.com has been offering the best niche plr article packs on the web since 2006.

- Great reputation. Thousands of happy, repeat customers over the years.

- Great quality. The content is written by Professional Writers on staff and Edited by a Separate staff member.

- Limited Availability. You're not sharing your articles with thousands of other people.

- Run by a Respected Internet Marketer. Nicole Dean owns EasyPLR.com and is oftentimes called the marketer with integrity, and runs her business by her gut and her ethics, not strictly by her pocketbook.

- Excellent customer support. Need any help? They're there for you.

I'm a customer at EasyPLR.com and I highly recommend their content. Check it out here.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“Kindle and Ads: Coming Soon to a Kindle Near You”

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Image by goXunuReviews via Flickr

So the big news of the day is Kindle's decision to launch a new Wi-Fi Kindle this one complete with ads. Yes, that's right, I said ads, as in advertisements. I know what you're thinking just what I need more ads. Now I have a Kindle and love it, but I’m not sure how I feel about this new concept.

Now hold onto your hat as here's the real kicker. This new Kindle is only priced 25.00 cheaper then the current Kindle 3 Wi-Fi edition. Huh????? Only 25.00 cheaper? The idea itself is great, but my thought process is they should cut the price in half. The ad free version is 139.00 and this one is 114.00. Now if they offered it for 75.00 you'd have my attention. But a savings of 25.00 is just not enough to make this a winning plan and my hunch is the majority of people will agree with me.

The ads won't be shown within the ebooks rather they will appear as screensavers and on the home screen of the device itself. The actual ebooks that are downloaded will not be affected. So it's not like you'll be reading a book and have some annoying ad pop up in your face. The ads will be subtle and part of the user interface. You'll even be given some say in the types of ads that are shown. You can pre-order one now with shipping to begin on May 3rd by going to  http://tinyurl.com/45x2kjw

Again, not a bad idea but for this to take off Amazon needs to go back to the drawing board on the price. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

For more information see:

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