Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Hey, It's a Bird, It's a Plane - No, It's Twitter"

What's one of the most popular social activitieson-line lately? If you said "Twittering", give yourself a gold star for paying attention. Twitteris a communication and networking tool that's huge with many Internet Marketers, and growing quickly. It's everywhere, and everyone is talking about it.

So what is Twitter and why should you care? It's very similar to instant messaging. You set up a profile, people can choose to "follow you", and you can choose to follow others. You send short text messages to your "followers", called “tweets”. The messages are short, no longer then 140 characters and are centered around the theme, "What are youdoing now?" With such a small space you'll have to learn to be very creative.

So what's the benefit of having people "follow"you around? Well, you can use Twitter to keep in touch with your customers, use it for branding purposes, send out links to your latest blog posts, tell folks about anything that may be new with your company or website, or offer special discounts or sales on your products/services. You can even tap into your follower’s mind by asking them questions, or sending them links to on-line surveys.The possibilities are really endless. Think of itas a two-way communication channel between you and your customers (followers).

When it comes to your posts, you want to keep the tone friendly and informal. Don't annoy people by sending out too many messages too often. Make sure whatever you send is usefu lor informative. Don't send too many self-serving messages or your followers will unsubscribe as quickly as they subscribed.

When you register at Twitter and start to follow people, you can elect to receive messages via your cell phone as a text message, through your instant messaging account, or you can just log into Twitter to view all your messages.You can also receive notifications via email.You can set individual notification preferences for each person you choose to follow. If you choose to receive text messages on your cellphone, remember you'll be charged per your cell phone plan for each incoming message.

Be careful when choosing a username, as it will become part of your url, which lookslike this “http://twitter.com/username” If you're a company, you may want to use your business name to help in your branding efforts. You can also upload your company logo, or a picture of yourself and write a one line bio with your url. Again, it's a small space so be creative.

So with Twitter being all the rage these days,plenty of add on applications have sprung upto extend Twitter's usefulness. Let's review some of your options:

1) http://www.twitter.com/downloads
Numerous tools to download for other ways to send and receive Twitter updates.

2) http://www.TwitterFeed.com
Takes your blog posts and sends them toyour "followers" automatically.

3) http://www.TwitThis.com
Add to your webpage or blog to allow others to send your url to their Twitter followers.

4) http://www.VisualTwitter.com
A place to share your cell phone photos.

5) http://www.TweetGift.com
Send gifts to your friends.

6) http://www.LoudTwitter.com
Archive your "tweets" on your Blog.

7) http://www.Twitteroo.com
Send Twitter tweets from your PC.

8) http://www.TwitPic.com
Share photos on Twitter. Post with your cell phone or through the site itself.

9) http://www.TweetCube.com
Share files on Twitter, including images,videos, music and more.
Taking this all into consideration, I'm sure you can see how Twitter could be very useful when it comes to marketing your Internet business. If not, at the very least it's a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start"tweeting".

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Facts about the Yahoo-Google advertising agreement

: "In June 2008, Yahoo! and Google announced a non-exclusive advertising agreement that will provide Yahoo! with access to Google’s AdSense advertising programs on their U.S. and Canadian web properties. Google has created this site to cover the facts. Topics such as: What the deal means? terms of the deal, facts about the deal, what people are saying and so much more. Get the facts straight from Google.

Typechart - Browse Web Type, Grab CSS.

Typechart - Browse Web Type, Grab CSS. Need help with your CSS? This site is so slick. You don't even have to know how to code. Just select the font look and type you want on your site, choose between Windows or Mac, and copy and paste the code on your page. Beautiful, simple and easy. I think I'm in love. (LOL)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Coolest Dancing Dog!

I was watching Oprah the other day and she had a show on all about dogs. Well, this one really caught my eye. It's a dancing dog and he's so good it brought tears to my eyes. If you love dogs take a minute to watch this dude dance. He's got some serious talent and I think he's smiling like he's really enjoying himself.


Vote Merle for President

2008 Election Coverage OK, OK, I'm not really running for president but maybe I should. Check out this fun little video and if you think it's cool you can create your own to send to all your friends. You do have friends right? Just checking. If not you really should buy some right away. You know what they say, one can never be too thin, too rich, or have too many friends...."Vote Merle for President"....


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Wallpapers from MSN - Beta

Every once in awhile Microsoft throws you a bone and you just have to eat it. Such is the case with their free wallpaper offer. Download 100 beautiful pictures for your computer wallpaper at no charge. Make sure to send Bill a thank you card

Thursday, September 18, 2008

100 Awesome Webmaster Videos on YouTube - Inside CRM

This site has a list of 100 awesome webmaster videos to help you get your very own website up and running. Not only are there You Tube videos on building site but also on search engine optimization, link building, advertising, blogging and more. This really is a great resource. No more hunting for helpful videos, if you're a webmaster bookmark this page now.

Sell Your Ebooks on Amazon

Amazon and Ebooks Did you know Amazon now sells digital books? Yep, in their efforts to stop killing trees they've launched a new section of their site with downloadable ebooks. If you have an ebook you'd like to sell via Amazon go to this page to get started.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Latest Website- PayPerClickResearch.com

Hey Gang,

If you've noticed I've been rather quiet lately it's because I've been busy putting together my latest website http://www.PayPerClickResearch.com- If you use any kind of paid search engine advertising such as Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and others then this website is for you. It's loaded with helpful articles, tips, and how-to's when it comes to paying for clicks.

Make sure you visit today and download my free ebook on how to advertise with pay-per-click search engines. It won't cost you a thing, but you will need to subscribe to my list to get it. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

If you have a related site and would like to exchange links with me, please contact me over at the site and I'll get back to you. Please keep it to a related topic only.

Thanks, and please check out the site and let me know what you think.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Animasher - Animate your photos

Animasher Who says your photos have to be boring? Head on over to Animasher and upload your pix and turn them into fun animations.It's drag and drop easy and you can make the silliest little movies I've ever seen. Check em out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Move Over ClickBank, There's a New Kid in Town: Click2Sell"

Are you frustrated with Clickbank? For years now they have been the "reigning champion" when it comes to payment processing with a built in affiliate network. Clickbank makes it easy to sell your digital products and take advantage of their affiliate army, numberingover 100,000. It's simple really - you let others sellyour products and they earn commission.

Recently a new competitor has hit the scene, Click2Sell.eu. They're a company based out of Europe who have put togethera service that includes many of the features that others are lacking.

No matter if you're just a merchant (seller), or you're a "super affiliate" making a living online, Click2Sell incorporates some wonderful features and benefits. Let's take a closer look: Merchants can sell digital or material products, even subscription based services. Your products can be soldin U.S. dollars, EUR or GBP. Payments are received instantly to your Paypal, Worldpay, Authorize.net, Google Checkout or Moneybookers account.

Once registered, you can be up and selling right away.There's no "waiting period" for approval of thank you or sales pages. You set your own pricing, no maximum price points, and it's easy to add new products.

Your digital products are uploaded to Click2Sell's server and protected from unauthorized access. The thank you pages shown to buyers are encrypted so they never know the actual download location. All download links expire within 72 hours of purchase, which eliminates the problemof them being shared with others.

The built in affiliate program allows you to easily payany affiliate commission with a few clicks, using either Paypal or Moneybookers. You set the commission rate you're willing to pay, up to 95%. Affiliates can be automatically accepted or you can choose to manually approve them. This feature allows you to ban those you don't want promoting your products.

Merchants are also given a choice to show affiliates the conversion rates of your products in the marketplace, or not. And, of course they've built in powerful statistics and tracking which reports on the number of active affiliates,and their performance. Also, it tracks product conversion rates for different keywords, a product's rank and history of changes in the marketplace and much more.

Hang on to your seat because the benefits and features offered to affiliates are just as exciting. When searching for products you wish to promote, you can search throughthe marketplace using various criteria such as category, rank, amount earned per sale, conversion rate, popularity and more. This is a great way to find just the products that meet your needs.

The built in advanced tracking reports allow you to seehow many people clicked on your affiliate link, and the number that actually purchased. See how much you'veearned in "real time". Very nice. Even if they don't purchase right away, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and goes back to purchase within six months, you'llstill earn your commission.

Any monies earned in a month are paid out in fullthe following month. No money is held back in a reserve account. So, how much is all of this going to cost you? Don't faint, but it's totally free to set up an account, nomatter if you're a merchant or just an affiliate.Merchants are charged 1.00 to 3.00 USD on each sale.

Do yourself a favor and check out their website forfurther information.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Internet Marketing Sins: Part 2

Internet Marketing Sins: An Open Letter to All Internet Marketers: She's back........Sylvia is back with part 2 of her "Internet Marketing Sins"- If You're Sick and Tired of Bad Marketing Tactics and Stupid Marketing Tricks Being Perpetrated Online, and You Want to Know What You Can Do About It, Then Read This Scathing, Eye-Opening Manifesto.*" I warn you it's not for the faint of heart. It won't cost you a dime so scurry on over and download yours now.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Add Multiple Photos to Your Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Takeover- The problem with using a graphic for my computer wallpaper is sooner or later I get sick of looking at the same old picture. I feel the same way about my boyfriend sometimes (LOL). Anyway, "This software lets you enhance your desktop by embedding pictures from your compuer, or online photo albums, or webcams into your desktop background wallpaper. Just drag and drop the pictures where you'd like them to appear." A very slick idea and it won't cost you a dime.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Announces Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Download a new browser: What??? Google now has their own browser. Say it aint so. Is there anything they can't do. I say Google for President...All Hail Google......Download your slick browser here. "Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier." When you type in the address bar you'll get suggestions for both web and search pages with thumbnails of your fav sites from any new tab, even shortcuts to launch your favorite web apps. Next stop for Google, World Domination!!!!!