Thursday, December 31, 2009

“Blog Profits 2010” Free Ebook

Hi Kids,

Now that you’re done opening your gifts, and finding out you got nothing you really wanted, let’s move on to getting drunk and enjoying the new year <LOL>. Funny how we get so excited and do so much work for just one day isn’t it? But we do it every year. So usually every year I’ll go out and buy myself something I really want, even if I don’t need it. Sort of like my own special Xmas gift. Hey, I’m worth it. I’ve been thinking about an Amazon Kindle but not sure if it’s worth almost 300.00. Will see.

Anyway, Lynn Terry has put together a free 10 page report for all you bloggers or wantabe bloggers.  It’s called “Blog Boost 2010”. In it she gives you a checklist of things to think about when it comes to growing and maintaining your own blog. Good stuff Maynard. Of course, Lynn always puts out quality material. You can download your own copy at the link below. If you like it feel free to pass it along to others. Just please download it to your own site first.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Waving Goodbye to 2009"- Video

First off I do apologize for being MIA the past few weeks. With all of the work that comes with getting ready for Christmas I've been pretty busy offline. Now that some of the hoopala has died down I'll try to give you my utmost attention.

Here's a cute video that sums up the year 2009 using Google Wave. It's very creative and I think you're going to like it. Let me know what you think. Have you tried Google Wave yourself?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Improve Your Website with Google's Webmaster Central Tools"

As a website owner, one of your top priorities is going to be getting your site indexed andme_dogs  ranked by Google. People perform over 235 million searches a day with Google, so the potential to receive significant traffic from this search engine should be enough for you to invest the time to make sure it's done right.

Google wants to fill its index with quality, error free websites that are beneficial and targeted to their searchers. Enter Google's Webmaster Central Tools . If you've never heard of it, it's Google's way of helping you with your website's indexing. Not too long ago, it went through a redesign and upgrade process which made it more useful and easier to use than ever.

First thing you'll need to sign in with is a Google account.  Google requires an account to be able to use all of their free services, including Blogger and Analytics, so if you don't have one, now's the time to register.

If you have multiple websites to list, that's no problem. Up to 500 sites can be added all under one roof. You will need to perform what Google calls "site verification" for each site submitted. This proves to Google that you are the owner of the site before they release detailed information to you.  At one time it was a lengthy process of cutting and pasting code into the head section of your index page or uploading a separate HTML file. Now they've streamlined the process and it's all done with one click of an email.

If you use, "Webmaster Tools" can be enabled from within the Blogger dashboard under tools/resources. Once your sites have been submitted, you'll have access to a whole suite of useful tools. The website is broken up into three main sections.

1) Site Configuration (Information about your site)

2) Your Site on the Web (Google data re: your site)

3) Diagnostics (Any problems Google had while indexing your site)

If your website has never received a decent ranking with Google, these numerous reports will help you in tracking down the problem. It's truly an "eye opener" to see your site through the eyes of a search engine.

On the "Crawl Errors Page", any errors Google encountered while crawling your site are revealed. The url's not listed, and the types of problems such as restricted by robots txt, url's that timed out, and unreachable url's will be uncovered. If numerous pages of your site are not indexed, Sitemaps can  also be submitted to help Google find and crawl all of the pages of your site.

If your website is not showing up in Google's index, or you think it's being penalized for some reason, you can contact Google from within the "tools interface" with a "reconsideration" request. This will ask Google to take another look at your site. Before submitting, make sure you've cleaned up any errors, and that you're not in violation of any of Google's webmaster guidelines.

Here's a small sample of some other tasks that can be performed.

- Keyword Research: The keywords page lists the most
important words Google found when indexing your site.
So you know what keyword/phrases your site is ranking for.

- Who's linking to your website.

- Page rank for individual pages can be reviewed.

- Change of address feature, which is useful when
moving domains to let Google know.

- Data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format
in order to be analyzed and tracked.

- Any RSS feeds can also be submitted as sitemaps.

- Parameter Handling- Allows you to tell Google which
url's you want them to ignore.

- Emails from Google's Webmaster Tools can be
forwarded to any email address you specify.

Contrary to popular belief, Google wants you to succeed online which is why they give you the tools needed to fix any problems, and make your site a search engine's indexing dream. That's not just good business for Google,it's good for your website too.

Friday, December 04, 2009

“Do You Need High Quality Articles for Your Website, Blog or Ezine?”

The life of an internet marketer revolves around one thing: Content. You need articles for your blog, more great content for your newsletter or ezine, and even more quality articles if you plan to do article marketing or guest blogging to get free advertising for your website. So,sunflower before you throw in the towel completely, let me share a few ideas with you that may help you to actually have time away from your computer.

When looking for articles, you have several options. I personally recommend that you use several of these suggestions to add a variety of content to your websites.

I'll start with a few of my favorites...

Grab some Free Reprint Articles at the Directories.

Article directories like, and are packed with quality articles that you can reprint on your site. The only requirements are that you do not edit the article in any way and that you include the author's resource box (or bio) at the end including the link or two that the author has included to his/her website.

It's a win-win situation. The author gets free advertising. You, the publisher, get free content.

There are three negatives to using this type of article.

· First is the issue of duplicate content. You're sharing the same exact articles as everyone else that uses that directory. This is not a big deal at all if you're using the article in your ezine, obviously, since duplicate content is only an issue with the search engines. It's also not a huge issue for your blog or website, as long as you write an introduction to the article, and preferably a wrap-up statement or recommendation at the end.

· Second is the very difficult issue of finding quality content. Gone are the days of grabbing any old free reprint article. You want Expert Content only – and many of the article directories have “bleck” articles.

· Third is the issue of posting those darn links in the author resource box. You're basically advertising for someone else for free. Ouch.

Good news! I can help you with the free advertising part in the next section of this article.

Use Extra-Special Free Reprint Articles.

Oftentimes ebook owners and other marketers with affiliate programs offer articles with a twist. You get to replace the link(s) in the author resource box with YOUR affiliate link for that program.

Here you'll find many articles that meet that criteria:

OR, if your favorite Experts regularly offer reprint articles, ask if this is an option for you.

That way, the expert still gets free advertising. And, you, the publisher, still get great content. But, you can also benefit by earning affiliate commissions as well.

This model definitely adds an increased level of appeal compared to traditional reprint articles. Wouldn't you agree?

Write the Articles Yourself.

You can choose to write some of your web content yourself. I highly recommend that you do write much of your own content, at least on the sites where you're trying to establish yourself as an authority.

However, there are options below that will enable you to post quality content to your website without having to write all of it yourself. (Some you can just edit and use.) The difference in the options below is that YOU become the expert, rather than endorsing someone else as the expert.


Hire a Quality Ghostwriter or Copywriter.

A ghostwriter is a freelancer who writes for you (usually articles or reports), but you take the credit.

A copywriter specializes in writing copy that sells, and you usually take the credit.

There are many sites on the web where you can find writers. Start by asking around, or go to sites like (a job posting site) or (a directory of freelancers) to look around. Having a ghostwriter on hand can keep your blog fresh and active.

Our Favorite Shortcut: Stock up on PLR articles.

PLR articles stands for Private Label Rights articles. PLR articles are usually written by a ghostwriter and sold to several website owners. This means that you (and a limited number of other bloggers) can edit the articles and publish them without being required to link back to anyone or give anyone credit for writing them. You become the expert when using PLR articles.

Customize the articles, tweak them for your market, insert examples or photos or case studies and publish them on your website -- or just use them as they are. Either way, you gain a lot of flexibility when working with PLR. Not only that but they are very affordable.

So, How do you Find a Good PLR Service?

Simple. Find a PLR site that's been around for awhile and offers professionally-written and edited content that's sold in limited quantities. That will ensure that you're not getting recycled PLR, but are getting your hands on top-quality content.

One such service is:

Our Recommendation for Top Quality PLR, Sold in Very Limited Quantities: has been offering the best niche plr article packs on the web since 2006.

- Great reputation. Thousands of happy, repeat customers over the years.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

“Finding that Host that Offers the Most”

Whether you already have a website or are thinking of setting up shop online, sooner or later you'll have to deal with the issue of web hosting. Although it may seem like a "no brainer," toon3 there are actually many factors you'll need to consider before making this important decision. Your first inclination may be to look only at the cost, thinking "cheaper is better."  However, that old saying "you get what you pay for," is especially true in this situation. Here are some of the more important points you'll want to look at when considering your next host.

UNIX/ NT/ The two most popular hosting platforms to choose from are UNIX and NT. UNIX is by far the favorite, as it was the only choice way back in the early days of the Internet. It is easy to configure, great for setting your own file permissions and the platform for most of the free scripts available for download. It is flexible, reliable and supports scripting languages like Perl and PHP3.

NT is Microsoft's baby. One problem that I have found with NT servers is a lack of readily available scripts that work on this platform. Also, (unlike UNIX) many NT users need assistance from their Web Host Administrators to set file permissions. NT supports MS applications such as ASP, Access, FP and scripting languages such as Perl, Cold Fusion and ASP.

TECH SUPPORT/ When you need help you'll want to make sure you can get it. Some web hosts offer phone support or even live chat. Make sure they have good tech support in place as there's nothing more annoying than needing assistance with your site and not being able to get it.

SET UP FEE/ MONTHLY FEE/ Some hosts charge an initial set up fee to get your site set up and running on their server. Make sure you check on this when comparing prices. I've seen monthly fees ranging from 9.99 to 39.99, depending on the plan and services offered. My advice to you would be to look past the cheapest and most expensive ends of the scale and go with a mid-range pricing plan to be on the safe side. You should be able to pick up a reliable web host for 10 to 20.00 per month.

HARD DRIVE/ SPACE/  How much space they're willing to give you is important if you're going to compare apples to apples.  You need to keep in mind the size of your site when deciding how much space you really need. Generally, 20 to 30 MB is plenty for a small site. You might want to ask if you can pay for more space should your site ever outgrow its present state.

FTP ACCESS/ TELNET ACCESS/ Even if you plan on using Frontpage to manage your site, you'll still need to have FTP access. It is usually standard, but it never hurts to ask. Make sure you keep your user name and password in a safe place. You'll use FTP to set file permissions and to upload your files to the web server.

Telnet can be very useful for troubleshooting CGI scripts and changing server configurations. There are some servers that will not grant telnet access.

CGI-BIN/ A very important component if you're planning on adding any sort of interactivity to your site like forms, shopping carts, etc. Usually comes as standard equipment, but I've seen some of the cheaper hosts leave it out entirely.

EMAIL BOXES & POP 3 ALIASES/ One thing that's very important to me is the ability to use different aliases with my domain name. For example, if your domain is, you may want to set up separate addresses to sort your mail like serviceATyourbizname or supportATyourbizname. They may all funnel into the same mailbox, but you can set up filters at your end, making customer service a whole lot easier.

If you have a "wildcard" account, you can set up as many aliases as you like. If you have ther employees who will need their own private box, check with the web host to see how many boxes they will allow.

STATS/ Once you start getting traffic, you'll want to know where it's coming from and what pages of your site are being visited. Some web hosts will throw stats tracking in with their standard package or at least give you access to your log files, which you can then use with third party software to run reports on the traffic your site is receiving.


1) If you want to use Frontpage: Do they have the FP server extensions installed?

2) Do they offer autoresponders?

3) How about a secured server option for payment transactions?

4) Do they back up all websites in case of disaster?

5) Do they offer assistance in programming or design work if needed at an hourly rate?

6) Do they offer shopping cart software if you're going to be selling products?

7) Do any customized forms come standard with your account, like feedback or order forms?

8) Bandwidth- Be aware that bandwidth is how much data can be transferred in a month's time. This shouldn't be a concern unless you're getting a ton of traffic, but be aware that most hosts do have limitations on what they'll allow.

As you can see, there are many factors to take into account when choosing a web host. Your host is essentially the spine of your site, so you want to make sure that the one you choose is reliable and solid. Nothing can ruin a site faster than an unreliable host. I know; been there, done that.

For a comparison of hosts pop over to or to search for a host by the features you need go to

Remember, choosing a good host is essential to the success and reliability of your online business. Do your homework and choose the one that's right for you.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Matt Cutts Talks Caffeine and Site Speed"

"Google’s Matt Cutts discussed two key ingredients of where Google is headed in an interview with WebProNews out in Vegas." Listen in as he talks about Google's latest update which is called "Caffeine". Find out why the speed of your website is going to come into play when it comes to your rankings.

Monday, November 23, 2009

"How should I link to a site that I have a personal relationship with?"

"Tom Critchlow from London, UK asks: "If a site owner has a personal relationship with another unrelated site in a different niche and adds a link to their site from his, this link looks a LOT like"...See how Matt Cutts responds.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

“Review of Reliable Webs Hosting”


Name Of The Product: Web Hosting

Where You Can Sign Up

Product Description: Web Hosting Service and Domain Registration

Who This Product is Intended For: Small Business Owners, Bloggers and Internet marketers who are looking for reliable web hosting at an affordable price. 

Uses:  ReliableWebs provides web hosting and  domain registration. They also offer FREE WordPress blog installations to all customers.

Pros:  ReliableWebs offers several hosting packages available for your web site needs.  They also provide domain registration.  Their support staff responds quickly and solves issues with speed and efficiency.  Their Uptime stats are impressive. They'll even move your website for you from your old hosting.

Cons:  None at this time. The only thing that I could say is that I've seen hosting that is cheaper, but, in my experience that usually comes with cutting corners -- something that Reliable Webs does not do.

Personal Opinion:  ReliableWebs is absolutely reliable and affordable. 

I am provided with all the tools I need to manage several websites with one host. 

The support staff at ReliableWebs is very friendly and helpful.  The support staff resides in the United States and all members speak English as their first language (something that's getting harder to find in larger or cheap web hosting companies). Whenever I have required assistance I have received both a quick response as well as service above and beyond what I expected. 

Overall, I would have to give a 10 out of 10 stars.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“Fun and Useful Things You Can Do with Domain Names”

In Part 1 of this series we discussed how to pick a great domain name, and in Part 2 we 001_41 reviewed where to register and how to manage them. In this the final section, we're going to discuss some uses for multiple domains.

Before you become a "domain connoisseur," you need to understand the advantages of owning more then one domain and what you can do with them:

1) Redirects: Maybe when you registered your site there were other names you liked as well, or perhaps you registered the .net version of your name. It's very easy to point these names to your existing site so when someone types in one of these alternate domain names in their browser, they'll still wind up at your site.

For example or

will both take you to the same place. Your web host can set this up for you. Some charge a small monthly fee for this service. You can use these alternate names in your advertising.

If your name can be easily misspelled, make sure to register any variations and redirect them to your site. This will also keep your competitors from registering them and infringing on your traffic, while sending all those who can't spell to the right place.

Remember that other domain names don't have to point to your main page; they can be forced to point to certain pages or sections of your site as you deem fit.

2) Mini Sites: By monitoring hot trends online you can quickly register a domain name and design a mini site around one product or service. If promoted correctly, mini sites can be good residual money makers. These are great for pushing and making affiliate sales.

3) Domains as Commodoties: Some people buy domains simply to resell them at a profit. If you purchase the right names, it is possible to sell them to the highest bidder. Selling domains at auction sites has increased in popularity and is a great way to move your domain inventory. Some of the better known auction sites are:

One of the most popular places for buying and selling domains. Seller accounts start at 19.95 a year, other account types are available.

No membership fee to list your domains, but you'll pay a commission fee to them if you sell.

They actually have a section for selling your domain names. Upon entering Ebay, do a search
in the search box for "domains."

Before putting your domains up for sale, you may want to have them appraised so you know
what they're worth. You'll find many appraisal services online to help you do just that.

Appraisals start at only 12.99 and go up to 28.99for an analysis that includes a hard copy.

4) Shrink Them: Despite your best efforts to come up with a name that's short and concise, you may end up settling for something longer then you'd like. There are free services you can use to shorten them into something  more manageable. When these new links are pasted into a browser they go to your site. If you're promoting any kind of associate program, these types of services come in extra handy for dealing with those extra long domain names they give you. They also help to hid the fact that you're using an affiliate link.

I love this service. Just paste your long domain into the window and it spits out a version so short you won't believe it's possible. Great for using in your ezine to break long domain links into shorter ones so they don't break off in unexpected places.

Shorl offers not only url shortening but statistics as to how many people click on your new short name.

As you can see, there's more to domains then meets the eye. As you find yourself collecting
more and more names you need to be aware of all of the creative ways you can use them in
your daily business. Sell them, shorten them, redirect them; but above all, use them in your online ventures and you'll generate more income.

Monday, November 09, 2009

"How to Integrate Clickbank Affiliate Links Into Your Website"

If you're trying to make money online, you either have to have your own product/service or promote someone else's. Usually this is in the form of what's called "affiliate programs." Follow me

Clickbank is the largest marketplace online for finding products you can resell. You can earn commissions from 1 to 75% on over 10,000 digital products that Clickbank offers. There is no charge to sign up as an affiliate. Once registered you'll need to find the specific merchandise that you want to promote.

So now you're all signed up and excited about all of the money you're going to make but how do you get people to click on your affiliate links? There are plenty of ways to promote & market affiliate programs from ezine ads to using Pay Per Click Search Engines, but recently some new ways have been developed that allow you to easily promote your affiliate links via your own website.

Similar to PPC Search or Contextual ads the ads appear in blocks to the right/left or top of your web pages. Your affiliate code is hard coded into the ads shown and the advertisements are related to the content of your page. When people click on the links and make a purchase, you earn commissions.

Let's examine a few of the options for integrating Clickbank links directly onto your website.

1) CBClicks:

Free to sign up, just make sure you have a Clickbank ID first. The ads shown on your web pages are targeted by keywords you select. For example, if your site is about ebooks you would choose "ebooks" as one of your keywords, and the ads displayed on your website would all be related to that word. When someone clicks on an ad and makes a purchase from the Clickbank merchant, you earn commissions on each and every sale.

2) ClickSensor AdWords:

Not a service, but a powerful PHP script that places ads similar to "Google Adsense" on your website. Again, these are Clickbank affiliate product ads and you'll earn commission when someone clicks thru and makes a purchase. There's no need to supply keywords, as the script spiders your pages and then matches each page with related ads. Once set up, you'll cut and paste some JavaScript onto your pages where you want the ads to appear. They offer 11 different ad styles to chose from, including towers, buttons and banners.

So next time you're tempted to show someone else's ads on your site, you may want to consider using one of these Clickbank Ad Services instead. Why earn pennies on the dollar displaying any advertising when you can promote your own affiliate programs as integrated website content and earn commission at the same time. Expanded contentand money, now that's a good thing!
Merle of offers a
F-r-e-e ebook and an e-course that will
teach you how to promote and market your
website. Grab your copy now at

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"The Complete Guide to Google Wave"

Google has yet to release "Google Wave" to the general public but it promises to be the next best thing since sliced bread for social media. That's yet to be seen but plenty of beta users have been publishing what they think of Google's new toy. Here's an online guidebook that's a "work in progress that will update in concert with Wave as it grows and changes." Read it online.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Using Facebook and Twitter to Stand Out"

"Relationship Marketing Specialist Mari Smith says marketers can stand out by “choosing a single area of focus.” Find out what else she has to say about marketing on Facebook and Twitter in this interview with

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It's a tradition at my house that every year the dogs put on their Halloween Costumes, I take their pictures, they love that part. Then I create my own Halloween cards and send them out in massive amounts to my friends and family. I think this year it was 50 in all. I love Halloween! And I love this time of year here in Ohio. The tress and bushes are beautiful shades of fall colors as if Mother Nature has taken her own paintbrush and created her own artwork. The part that comes after, the snow, I could do without.

Whatever your plans are for Halloween I hope you take some time to get in touch with your inner child and have some fun. Come on, you know you want to. If you have plans leave your comments below to let me know what you're up to.

Monday, October 26, 2009

FTC Declares Shenanigans On All Kinds Of Stuff!

Everyone's talking about the new FTC regulations that are coming in December. If you haven't heard about them, you must be hiding under a rock. Basically, if you're getting paid to promote something on your blog or website, even affiliate links, you need to disclose that fact. Testimonials which are also used by online marketers to sell products and services are affected by this new change.

Frank Kern is one funny guy. He also knows his stuff when it comes to marketing and promoting on the Internet. His blog posts lays out the new ruling and will give you some things to think about. Food for thought. Read on

Sunday, October 18, 2009

“Domains: Buying Domains, Where to Find Expired Names, and How to Manage it All”

In Part 1, we discussed how to come up with your new domain name. In this article, we will portfolio look at inexpensive places to register your newfound beauties. You'll find, as with Lay's potato chips, "no one can eat just one." Once you make your first purchase, you'll most likely find yourself registering other names as well; maybe to use as redirects to your existing site, or possible new business ideas for allthose new sites you'd like to launch.

Due to the temptation to "load up," you'll want to finda cheap but reliable domain registrar to park them with. If you don't, you'll find your new "habit" leaving a big hole in your wallet.

As with most things in life, prices vary --from as little as $8.00 up to $35.00 per year. My suggestion to you is to never spend more than about $10.00 per domain annually. My favorite place to register names charges less than that. When researching a registrar, do make note of what services they offer and their support policies.

Let's cover your options:

1) My favorite, where I register or transfer domains for only $9.48 per year. Sign up for .com,.net, .org, .biz, .Info, and .Us. You can handle all of your domains from one easy interface and see all of your listings at a glance.

2) At $10.69 a year, GoDaddy is #1 with many Web entrepreneurs. From what I've seen and read online, they're very reliable and have great prices. Includes free domain forwarding and free parked page with every domain registered.

3) If you want to register a domain name and get free hosting to boot, you can't beat this package deal. For only $25.00, a year you can buy and host your new found name. This is a nice service if you want to put up some mini-sites inexpensively.

There's also a big market for expired and deleted domains. You would not believe how many people forget to renew their domains and let some really super ones fall through the cracks. Many of them already have a high ranking in the search engines and increased link popularity.

The trick to expired domains is knowing where to find them so you can cash in on them before someone else does. Many sites will charge for this privilege, but there are some freebies (if you know where to look): I love this site and it’s reasonably priced. Different membership levels are available with a basic package of 14.99 per month. Just type one or two keywords into the search box and it will come back with all kinds of little gems for you. You will find so many good names to register that if you're a "Domain Junkie" (like me), you could find yourself in real financial danger here. Remember, I warned you. Pick up on "recycled traffic" by snapping up domain names that have expired and benefiting from their already established traffic. Search through this index according to keyword and search engine ranking. Free demo is available.

So now that you know where to purchase domains you need to know how to manage them. It's not unusual for one person to own 20 or more names, and  keeping track of them and knowing when to renew them can quickly become a full time job. I should know; I own over 60 myself. My recommendation to you is to register all of them at the same place. Preferably, a registrar that will allow you to modify your own DNS and make any other changes at will. In the beginning I had many sites registered atmany different places and it was tough trying to remember which domain was where. Don't make the same mistake I did. Find a registrar you feel comfortable with and stick with it.

There are also some excellent tools that can help make managing your domains a breeze:

1) Easy DNS:
Manage all of your domains from one easy web interface. An assortment of tools and pricing options are available.

2) Domain Manager Pro:
Software that will help you track multiple domains and register data and also the websites (if any) connected with them. 50.00 to download.

The longer you're active online, the more you'll be struck with great ideas; resulting in domain names you'll want to register. Remember, don't pay more then you have to, keep your eyes peeled for expired bargains, and make sure you have some form of management tool in place.

If you’d like to earn some money with your extra domains take a look at running Google’s Adsense for Domains on them, see

Domains are indeed like chips; you really can't register just one. In Part 3 of this article we'll look at some fun and useful things you can do with  your new-found gems.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Do You Remember Love?"

This video will bring tears to your eyes. It just goes to show not only can we learn from each other, but dogs can teach us a lot about enjoying life. Enjoy!

Find more videos like this on I Remember Love

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"JV Partners Wanted for Personal Development Giveaway"

Hey Kids,

Hope you having a great weekend. Anyway, I want to invite you to The Personal Development Giveaway which will launch on Oct 26th and run untill Nov 16th.

The promotion will have thousands of visitors in just a few days. So the exposure will be great. The promoters, Scott Drake and John Yeo have asked me if I knew anyone that would want to participate in this venture, and immediately I thought of my blog readers.

We have all heard of Giveaways, but some may not know what a Giveaway Event is all about. This is an online joint venture site, where hundreds of marketers from all around the world participate. The main aim is to build a genuine subscriber list in a very short amount of time.

It goes like this:

1. JV Partners provide a gift for people to download

2. The gift will have a lead capture page so that site visitors can sign up to collect the free gift.

3. JV Partners promote the site to bring more and more people into the event.

In this way, everyone wins.

1. The visitors win because they can download products for free that they can use immediately.

2. The JV Partners win because they build their own subscriber lists very quickly.

Not only do you win in terms of large subscriber numbers, you also win financially.

Join Now and take advantage of this opportunity to grow your subscriber list:



Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Secret Features of Google Reader

Matt Cutts discusses Secret Features of Google Reader.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

“Steps for Mastering Twitter”

With the coverage it has been receiving lately, there would not many people who would not have at least heard of the word Twitter. Okay maybe If you don't have access to the web or have not been watching TV lately then the fact that social networking sites like Twitter are booming may havetweeta03_512 alluded you. Next time you have some spare time while surfing the net, you should do a Google search on twitter or consider visiting the site to find out directly the many fun and interesting benefits it has for users.

You must register before being able to enter the website to meet the wide variety of members, all with their own reasons for being there. Most people that you will find on Twitter are there to link or network with other people. Much of twitter's fame can be attributed to the ability to stay in touch, literally every hour of the day as new information is provided by friends, family or any topic of interest, all in one free to use system. In addition to those members, there are those who simply want to extract more income or take their business to another level.

Following the steps below will have you on the road to being a master of all things twitter, whatever your purpose:

1) Visibility - you must aim to have high exposure on Twitter. Spend a few hours every day writing new tweets and replying the tweets you get sent to you. It's a great way to make more contacts socially or for business. Set up a daily routine for your twitter activities like designating certain hours for tweeting. Always follow a number of new members each week and try to entice them to follow you in return. A good thing on Twitter is that you can respond by using your cell phone. This consistent sending and responding to tweets can be time consuming but it can definitely help increase your visibility.

2) Powerful profile – after registering at Twitter, one of your first priorities should be designing your own unique member profile. This page should aim to be interesting yet reflect your personal character or business. A powerful profile may be informative but not boring. A great profile can draw immediate reaction and the need for connection to you.

3) Twittering - you should make a effort to tweet about the fun and interesting events occurring in your life. You can use anything about your life and experiences. After receiving messages, try to respond to them in a timely and respectful manner. When someone sends you a tweet also remember to thank the person. Try to look at Twitter as a blank piece of paper, where you are free to write whatever you want others to know.

4) Twitter Networking - Millions of members use Twitter daily. Focus on making contact with those in your target market and follow them. Also endeavor to establish good and friendly bonds with those you meet. After developing many friends, you can progressively promote your business without seeming too over zealous. Gaining new clientèle for your items and services will be easier with time because they have built up confidence in your reputation.

5) Direct Messages (DM) - directly sending messages like emails or private messaging in forums to specific users only can be effective. Read any messages received and let them know how much you appreciate it. This specific list of close contacts can be used as your own custom targeted group of leads but don't over do the advertising because that can be interpreted as spamming them.

6) Videos and Images – This is an often over looked medium in Twitter but it can be very rewarding to share video clips and images. It builds branding and familiarity with your user name because other people can get an overview of your life and the type person that you are.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Does Google Really Penalize for Duplicate Content?"

A video by Greg Grothaus of Google that goes into detail about how Google really feels about duplicate content.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Making Twitter Work For You"

A lot of people still don't understand Twitter? I'll admit it when I first saw it I thought it was stupid. Now I'm hooked. Watch this video WebproNews did with Michael Gray to get his insight on what you should and shouldn't be doing on Twitter. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Tips for a Better Website

By Merle

There are just some things that need to be included in every website. If you integrate these tips into your site your visitors will "thank you" for it later: twittermoon_128

1) Navigation:  Keep it simple (KISS), and make sure it's consistent from page to page. No matter where you place your menu bar -- either at the top or down the side --always include a small text menu at the bottom of every page.  To create a site map see

If you're one of those people easily impressed with Flash, don't design your navigation with it. There are still some people who don't have or want the plug-in, so they won't be able to navigate your site. Besides, search engine spiders have a harder time reading it, so that could lead to some of your site pages not being included in their index.

2) Privacy Policy:  With all of the concern over privacy on the Web if you collect any type of information from your visitors (even if it's just an email address) you need to include a privacy policy. There are many online templates that will help you to create one easily. Once made, post a link to it on every page of your site. Here’s a site that will help you in creating a privacy policy

3) Contact Information: Nothing drives me more insane than having to search through an entire website just to send the owner an email. Post your contact info at the bottom of every page of your site, along with your email address. Don't make me fill out a whole form when I just want to send a simple comment. Include your email address, hot-linked and ready to go.

4) Logos & Graphics: Please keep your graphics down to a reasonable size. No one wants to wait two minutes while your huge, beautiful logo loads onto the screen. If you must use a lot of graphics to get your point across, I've got one word for you: Compression.

5) Fonts: Remember if you stray from using the standard fonts that everyone has installed on their computers (such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman) the viewer won't see your fonts as intended. Your users' computers will display your site in their default fonts. Stick to standards. If you must have a certain font used you'll have to turn it into a graphic to maintain its look.

6) Make It Sticky: Include interactive features if possible, such as live news feeds. or widgets. Use chat rooms, discussion boards, blogs, etc. You want to create a sense of community where people will want to  return.  See

7) Newsletter/Blog: If you're going to have a website you need to offer a newsletter or a blog, even if it's strictly going to be about sale items, specials or site updates. You need to start collecting a list of your visitors'email addresses so you can keep in touch with them. Ezines help to keep your site fresh in the client's mind and helps to establish trust and credibility. For more on how to start your own ezine see

8) Browsers: You'd be amazed at how differently your website appears in different browsers. Make sure you take a peek at your site in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Try

9) Index Page: This may seem like a given, but I'm going to mention it anyway. On the very first page of your site (the homepage) the first paragraph should answer the "5 W's"; basically telling them who you are and what you're offering. You'd be amazed at the number of websites that leave this out; making me think "what do these people do, and what's in it for me?" You need to answer these questions and do  it fast. Surfers are a very impatient group. Stop them  before they click away.

10) Disclaimer: Along with your privacy policy you’ll want to include a standard disclaimer page. You could have a lawyer draw one up or use an online generator and modify it to what you need. Here’s a free online one, remember, use at your own risk

If you remember the above 10 pointers when putting together your next website, you'll create a winning site that visitors will want to return to, and not run away from in frustration.

PS. For more help with your site see

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free PDF’s to Download

Nicole Dean from has taken her most popular "Online Success" podcasts and had them transcribed into downloadable PDFs. merle_money

The first is her interview with affiliate marketer, Lynn Terry

The second is her interview with PLF Champ, Ronnie Nijmeh

Go ahead and download them to your own computer and feel free to pass them onto your friends. Their good stuff Maynard!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

“Teleseminar Training MP3”

I've got a real treat for you today. My friend, Ronnie Nijmeh, has a PLR club that provides the best self-help PLR content out there, plus he does monthly mastermind coaching teleseminars for members-only.

Well, I was able to twist his arm to give me a free MP3 recording from one of his past members-only teleseminars.  It's called: "PLR PROFITS" Go here to get your no cost access now:

If you've always wanted to use PLR (or want to explode your traffic and sales with PLR), then you should listen in. Here's a sneak peek of what Ronnie covered in the MP3:

- What PLR is and why you need it

- How to use private label content for traffic generation,
  loyalty building, and product creation

- Creative approaches to use and profit from PLR

Get access to this free training MP3:

P.S. This coming Tuesday the 15th, Ronnie's releasing this
must-have PLR pack. It's five complete, ready-to-sell products.
On the bottom of the page, there's an Early Bird sign-up form.
You'll want to enter your name and email so you'll beat the rush:

Monday, September 07, 2009

“Learn about Twitter Tools”

Heaps of people are happily devoted Twitter users, a social network and even so, there are still a lot of other people who aren't acquainted with the mini blogging web site. For the twitter uninitiated this information will be just perfect to learn more about this latest online craze.  bluebird_256x256

With the release of Twitter in 2006, those from the younger generation were quick to realize the sites ability to keep them connected with friends and their day to day activities. Personal text messages can be transmitted and received fast by using tweets. Tweets are limited to a maximum 140 characters and come to be also known as a micro-blogging. The topic or purpose of these tweets are limited only by the creators imagination - you can share your personal point of view, the things that you are doing or simply to also view some areas that may interest you. As its community began to rapidly increase, private organizations saw the opportunity for it to work as a promotional tool. Some companies have been able to improve their business but there have also been those who would have spent substantial money and resources on twitter only to derive little benefit.

The premise of Twitter is to basically follow anyone or anything of interest to you. Once you follow a certain person, you will receive their tweets. When a member follows you, the profile of that person can be checked in order to decide if you want to follow them in return. When you want to send the tweets, you do not have to do so manually because there are tools can be used to automatically send your messages to all your subscribers. Most of these Twitter tools are available for use at no cost and can be big time savers. There are twitter applications like 'PostLater' and “autotweeter” to automate many of the processes such as to follow users who follow you.

When writing your tweet updates, make sure that you aim to generate a reaction from its reader. If your tweets are appealing, you can easily gain more valuable followers. This is very useful when you do blog posts or performing internet marketing.

Online business is a very competitive industry now and twitter can be a cost effective way to get precious leads for getting new clientèle. In order to gain a custom list of followers, you need to make friends before swamping them with advertising propaganda. Having lots of trusting friends will help your business marketing success. When you have a lot of fans, you can mention your business and services that you want to advertise. You can provide a url link to your service or programs, and if they have confidence, they will not hesitate on clicking on the text links.

Twollo is a another free application designed to track targeted individuals based on keyword terms. All that is required is provide the keyword that interests you and the tool locates people who are also talking about that niche. If these people want to, they will also follow you back too.

Beware that just because you choose to follow a member, it does not assure that they will follow you back. Always check your statistics. When someone is not following you, unfollow that person and its recommended that this clean out of your account account occurs weekly. The program from "" is just one such available tool that is perfectly suited to this account maintenance job.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"TV for All Contest"

TV advertising can be expensive for small businesses. So Google TV Ads and Spotmixer have joined forces to bring you the "TV for All Contest". Create and submit your own TV commercial for a shot at winning 25,0000 of free national TV advertising on select cable channels.

A panel of celebrity judges will pick the finalists around mid October. Then the YouTube Community will chose the three winners. If you need help in creating your own TV ad it's easy with Spotmixer and can be done from the contest page above. Entries must be received by Oct 5, 2009 For more information go to-

Friday, August 28, 2009

“Everything you need to know about Twittering”

It is fair to say that Twitter has had an gigantic effect on how social networking communities are designed. After just 3 years of existence twitter has already climbed to the 3rd most used social  twitter_bird_2 media website with Facebook being the largest followed by Myspace in second place. For June 2009, Alexa traffic statistics indicate Twitter is ranked 33 overall for the most visited sites and is estimated to have 9 million registered users from the world over. So,  have you taken the plunge yet and started twittering?

Twitter is often coined as a micro-blogging web site which allows anyone to stay in communication with others 24/7. You can register by surfing to '' site and writing your personal details in the spaces provided. It is advisable to provide your real info so you are able to connect with real people. In your account profile settings you can unselect ‘protect my updates’ to let everyone read your tweet updates or leave it ticked in order to restrict your  messages only to those close allies or followers.

Sending your Twitter account url link to all your friends and relatives can let them now know that you have an account on Twitter.

Even when you aren't actually on the net, Twitter can still be used. When you're a registered member on Twitter, you can also enter your personal profile by  using Instant Messenger application or cellular phone. To set up this feature with your profile, first you have the right settings checked to link your mobile and instant message accounts to Twitter.

Once this is done, tweeting messages can be sent by any of the registered devices. To transfer tweets via your mobile phone, a text sms is sent to the number 40404. The unique caller ID from your mobile device is than stored on your profile so those tweets will be identified in the future. If you’re in AIM, you can send the IM to TwitterIM but if you’re in Yahoo or MSN they can be sent via instant message to Twitter so it makes no difference where you are, friends and followers will have access to your tweets and can even receive tweet updates on their mobile device.

But you may still ask how do I read my friends messages that they send? Well, to do this you need to log into Twitter and add your friends user names to your own list. In your account there is an ‘Actions’ tab box, use your mouse to click on the word 'Add’. Another good feature is the search box that will let you find user profiles of more friends and maybe even close relatives or school friends you have lost contact with. It is important to note twitter users that have account profiles selected as private will have to accept a follower request from you before it is possible to start reading their tweets.

Managing your list of contacts is difficult via cell phone so it is much simpler to do it online. You can also choose to restrict phone use to only receive the tweets so even if you are away from your computer, updates will still be sent.

Twittering can really bring a lot of enjoyment. It is worth the time it takes to register there and configure your profile to suit your life.  Go meet up with all your mates and find out what they are doing. Just remember to post tweets regularly too so everyone will be kept up to date. There are also many useful tools that help save the amount of time that it takes to do some of the more mundane processes and allow twitter to be a more enjoyable experience.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ebay Ebooks for Free

Skip Mcgrath is an expert when it comes to Ebay. He's been making a full-time income from Ebay for years. He also has several print books to his credit. Today I'm offering up two free ebooks he's written for your enjoyment.

The first is 32 pages-

EbaySecrets Mini-Course- "How Ebay Professionals Consistently Make $ on Ebay"

The second is all of the changes that have taken place on Ebay in 2009 and what's coming in 2010. It's 28 pages and can be downloaded here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Don't Just Type Your "Tweets"- Speak Them"

By Merle

When it comes to social networks, Twitter is definitely king. With millions of users, and new ones coming on board daily, this micro-blogging service is a very powerful communication tool. twitter-bird-1

In the space of 140 characters, you can type short messages and instantly send them to your "followers".  But what if you don't have Internet access and you still want to send those tweets? No problem. If you have a phone, you can speak your messages, and within a short amount of time see them posted on Twitter.

Let's review some of the services that can be used to make this possible.


Your voice message can be up to 140 seconds long. Your followers can even use reply codes and respond in kind to your messages. You can register up to two phones per Twitter account. After registering, you'll need to call a New York or California phone number to record your outgoing tweets. If you live out of state, you will be charged long distance call rates.


Local access numbers are provided which you can call.  All you need to do is enter in your username and password, and start talking. Your followers will receive a tweet that contains a link back to your audio message. Simple.


It doesn't get any easier than this. Once registered, call 877-TWEETCALL and speak your "tweet". Within minutes, it’s passed on to your Twitter account. Your user name and password for this site are the same as your Twitter account.


No Internet access? This free service makes it possible to speak your message into any phone, and within 5 to  10 minutes have it posted on Twitter. You'll need to ask for an "invitation" to be able to register for TwitterFone. Local numbers are provided. "Twitter Streams" can also be replied to, or direct messages can also be sent.

So, the next time you want to tell the world what you're up to, forget the computer and “speak your tweets”. Now that you know how easy it is to do, you might find that this is your favorite way of updating your followers,and "Tweet Speak" might just become your second language. I sure wish they would have taught this in High School.<grin>

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Matt Cutts Explains Caffeine Update

"Google announced yesterday that it has been working on a project called “Caffeine” that will re-write the architecture for Google’s Web search." Listen in as Matt Cutts tells you all about it. It's good stuff Maynard!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Me and Missy G 2009

me_g_2009 A lot of people say I’m “dog crazy”. I have  3 dogs and love them all and try to provide the very best home and life I can for them. If that makes me “crazy” then I guess I’m guilty as charged. I see nothing wrong with giving them my all.That means good food, exercise, love and companionship.  My dogs are the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m not ashamed of that fact.  If you want to experience unconditional love from someone who will never leave you, insult you, doesn’t care how much money you make or where you live….go and get yourself a dog. You can thank me later.

baxter_gray_2009Baxter Gray- Age 3 


Dakota Arson- Age 14

Thursday, August 13, 2009

“Social Networking with Twitter”

It sort of goes without saying that Internet relationships are very dissimilar from real world happybirds4Small relationships. Despite this, masses of online users continue to connect with other people through social network sites and among these web sites is Twitter. In fact if you're a subscriber to Twitter, you have the potential to cross paths with millions of other people such is its vast reach. Out of all those other fellow twitterer's it is safe to say you will be able to find people that share a common interest either business and or personal.

Also while using Twitter - the newest of the social networking online crazes you will be able to do micro-blogging. Why is it referred to as micro you may ask? Well, it is because you can only compose a message (tweet) of just 140 characters maximum. It could be considered too short for going into much detail but easily long enough to report whatever is occurring in your day at that particular point in time. You see, if you become a frequent Twitterer, you'll be regularly required to answer the question; "What have you been doing? And the replying tweet must be written within that character limit.

When you reply to this question or when you perform updates, the tweets are sent to all your profile subscribers to alert them to what you are doing. The Twitter developer designed the site with this exact purpose in mind, one centralized  platform to find out all the activities of his friends and that is precisely what you'll be able to get from Twitter.

For example, you go out to do some shopping at the local mall. You'll be able to update your tweets and inform your followers of this situation. Now, some friends may reply to your tweets but some won't. The receiver of the tweets isn't forced to respond straight away and that is one of the best strengths of the twitter system. In fact, they could ignore the update, if they want. There is enough flexibility to suit every user, dependent on their own situation and its a simple matter of you changing the settings from your profile page.

You can limit which of your friends receive the tweet messages. As well as determining when and where you'll receive the tweets. For example, you receive the tweets on your cell phone so that wherever the location, you'll know what your friends are up to; and you are able to even answer them back via your own cell phone if desired. As time is spent learning the ropes and you will soon come to enjoy it even more once you realize the many other capabilities beyond just communicating with friends, family or colleagues. Thanks to a huge explosion in 2009, Twitter is fast closing in on the amount of traffic received by the other two online networking giants MySpace and Facebook. Visitor growth jumped 83 percent to 17 million unique visitors in April 2009 according to

Why not stay connected all day long? There is no requirement to access your Twitter account whenever you want to update messages on your profile page. Twitter itself as well as third party programmers have developed many great widgets and software that help make changes to an account without even logging into the site. Making use of these applications can be enjoyable and reduce the time needed to be an active user.  

User surveys have shown people actually prefer twitter because of its ease of use compared to other such social sites. Go ahead and try the Twitter experience, it costs nothing to join or utilize and see if you can track down any past friends as they probably already have their own profile.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Graphics GiveAway 2 Event"- SignUp Now

Hi Kids

Last year Odinn Sorensen and Eric Tan ran the successful Graphics Giveaway with a huge amount of ready-made products, contributed by top marketers around the world for everyone to download at no cost.

Now they are back with an even bigger and better one - the Graphics Giveaway 2, launching August 18th and running until September 1st. This event not only offer great graphic products, but is also a great opportunity to help you build a list of prospects for your design/graphic niche market.

Join now:

NOTE: The Partner Upgrade on this giveaway is very attractive, so I definitely recommend that you grab it to improve your gift ranking, get more subscribers and earn greater commissions.

Have a great day!


Sunday, August 09, 2009

"No HTML? Need a Website? No Problem"

So you have this great idea for a website and you're all excited about getting your "feet wet" as an
online entrepreneur, but there's one problem: You have no idea how to create a site. ("HTML? What's that?") tweeta02_256

If this sounds familiar, have no fear –templates are here. (Sorry for the rhyme; I just couldn't help myself.)

Templates are prefabricated websites; complete with graphics and sometimes even a cascading style sheet attached. You download them, edit in your information and upload them to your server. Presto, instant website!

If you take some time and do a search around the Net you'll find some beautiful templates, some
even free, that will have you looking like a true online professional before you can say "CSS or HTML."

Let's take a look at some options:

1) APlusTemplates:

A professional template membership site where you pay a one time membership fee of $29.95 and
gain access to over 200 Web templates and their "Flash Intro Builder." Browse templates by
category; even download a free template to check out the quality. There's some real nice stuff


All Web templates come complete with CSS or image rollovers and PSD files. If you're looking for
something a bit fancier, they also offer an assortment of Flash templates. All templates are compatible with Frontpage and Dreamweaver.

3) BasicTemplates:

I really love this site. The templates are top quality and designed using external CSS. You can join as a member for a one time fee and access all of the templates or purchase them individually. Easy to browse by category.

4) TheTemplateStore:

This site offers a nice selection of templates searchable by the editor you plan on using, such as
Dreamweaver or FrontPage. They also have templates for GoLive and even Swish. Most start at only $15.00and they go up from there.

5) Template Monster:

Although a bit on the higher end, the designers at Template Monster are a talented group. You'll find
some real gems to download here. Each template comes complete with PSD files. Download the free site template to get a small sample of what you'll be purchasing.

Don't let your lack of design skills stop you from being the proud owner of the site you've always
dreamed of. With the right template you can have a professional looking site and no one need know
you didn't design it yourself. Shhhh, it'll be our little secret!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Merle's Mission Ezine- July 31, 2009 Issue

The latest issue of my ezine is now online at

As usual it's packed full of resources and goodies from around the net that you probably didn't know about but should. If you'd like to subscribe you can do so at my site

“Facebook Users Respond to Aging Social Network”

A few years ago Myspace was the king of social media but not today. Facebook has taken over with it's fast growth now claiming to have over 250 million users. Once only used by the young, Facebook's demographics are all over the place from teenagers to the elderly. Listen in on what some Facebook customers had to say about using the service.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Send & Receive Money with PayPal: "No Computer Required"

Paypal is pretty much the standard online when it comes to buying goods and services. But what001_06 about offline? Paypal has decided to combine their service with the mobility of cell phones, calling the new service "Paypal Mobile." It is presently available in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

PayPal Mobile gives you the ability to send people money and also buy things with what they call "Text to Buy." When you see something advertised at an event or in a magazine or even on a poster, if it has "Text to Buy" next to it, you can use your cell phone to purchase it.

So what can you buy? Things like DVD's, CD's, books, electronics, accessories and more. The price of the item includes shipping and any tax. The item is then shipped to the address listed in your Paypal account within one day. Delivery takes about 5 to 7 days. All merchandise is sent by the Merchant, not Paypal.

Here's what the order process looks like:

1) You see something advertised you want to buy with the words "Text to Buy" in the ad.

2) You send a text message with the item code to the number shown in the ad.

3) You'll receive a call back to confirm the order

4) The item ships out

You can also use Paypal's new service to send money. There is no charge to send funds with your cell phone or to receive it if you have a personal Paypal account. Business accounts are charged the
standard rates for receiving payments. Depending on your cell phone and calling plan, you may be charged for your text messaging.

There are two ways to send money with your phone:

1) You text to 729725 (Paypal) With the amount and the recipient's phone number.

Example: Send 10 to 2167804970 (put the recipients phone number here, this is just an example.)

Note: You must use the words "send" and "to"

2) Paypal will call you back and you must enter your secret pin # to confirm.

3) The person you sent the funds to is immediately notified by Paypal and told how to claim their

The other way to send money is to use their 800 number:

1) Call 800-472-9725

2) Type in your mobile pin #

3) Enter the amount and phone number to send it to when asked.

4) Again, the recipient is notified on how to claim the funds.

To use Paypal Mobile you'll first need to have a Paypal account. Then you'll need to activate your cell phone. To do this you'll need to log into your Paypal account, type in your cell phone number and select a 4 to 8 digit pin number. Paypal will call you to confirm the account.

If you're worried about security, all transactions made with your phone are protected by your unique
mobile pin number and are covered with the same protection you get with your online Paypal account. For more information see...

So next time you need to send money with Paypal, or have an urge to buy something,you no longer need to wait until you're in front of a computer with an Internet connection.

With people growing more and more mobile and demanding technology that keeps up with their
busy lifestyle, Paypal now has a place to call home off-line as well as on.

"How to Use Articles to Drive Website Traffic".
At last all of the resources you need in this
brand new F-R-E-E ebook. Download now at...