Thursday, August 13, 2009

“Social Networking with Twitter”

It sort of goes without saying that Internet relationships are very dissimilar from real world happybirds4Small relationships. Despite this, masses of online users continue to connect with other people through social network sites and among these web sites is Twitter. In fact if you're a subscriber to Twitter, you have the potential to cross paths with millions of other people such is its vast reach. Out of all those other fellow twitterer's it is safe to say you will be able to find people that share a common interest either business and or personal.

Also while using Twitter - the newest of the social networking online crazes you will be able to do micro-blogging. Why is it referred to as micro you may ask? Well, it is because you can only compose a message (tweet) of just 140 characters maximum. It could be considered too short for going into much detail but easily long enough to report whatever is occurring in your day at that particular point in time. You see, if you become a frequent Twitterer, you'll be regularly required to answer the question; "What have you been doing? And the replying tweet must be written within that character limit.

When you reply to this question or when you perform updates, the tweets are sent to all your profile subscribers to alert them to what you are doing. The Twitter developer designed the site with this exact purpose in mind, one centralized  platform to find out all the activities of his friends and that is precisely what you'll be able to get from Twitter.

For example, you go out to do some shopping at the local mall. You'll be able to update your tweets and inform your followers of this situation. Now, some friends may reply to your tweets but some won't. The receiver of the tweets isn't forced to respond straight away and that is one of the best strengths of the twitter system. In fact, they could ignore the update, if they want. There is enough flexibility to suit every user, dependent on their own situation and its a simple matter of you changing the settings from your profile page.

You can limit which of your friends receive the tweet messages. As well as determining when and where you'll receive the tweets. For example, you receive the tweets on your cell phone so that wherever the location, you'll know what your friends are up to; and you are able to even answer them back via your own cell phone if desired. As time is spent learning the ropes and you will soon come to enjoy it even more once you realize the many other capabilities beyond just communicating with friends, family or colleagues. Thanks to a huge explosion in 2009, Twitter is fast closing in on the amount of traffic received by the other two online networking giants MySpace and Facebook. Visitor growth jumped 83 percent to 17 million unique visitors in April 2009 according to

Why not stay connected all day long? There is no requirement to access your Twitter account whenever you want to update messages on your profile page. Twitter itself as well as third party programmers have developed many great widgets and software that help make changes to an account without even logging into the site. Making use of these applications can be enjoyable and reduce the time needed to be an active user.  

User surveys have shown people actually prefer twitter because of its ease of use compared to other such social sites. Go ahead and try the Twitter experience, it costs nothing to join or utilize and see if you can track down any past friends as they probably already have their own profile.

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