Sunday, August 09, 2009

"No HTML? Need a Website? No Problem"

So you have this great idea for a website and you're all excited about getting your "feet wet" as an
online entrepreneur, but there's one problem: You have no idea how to create a site. ("HTML? What's that?") tweeta02_256

If this sounds familiar, have no fear –templates are here. (Sorry for the rhyme; I just couldn't help myself.)

Templates are prefabricated websites; complete with graphics and sometimes even a cascading style sheet attached. You download them, edit in your information and upload them to your server. Presto, instant website!

If you take some time and do a search around the Net you'll find some beautiful templates, some
even free, that will have you looking like a true online professional before you can say "CSS or HTML."

Let's take a look at some options:

1) APlusTemplates:

A professional template membership site where you pay a one time membership fee of $29.95 and
gain access to over 200 Web templates and their "Flash Intro Builder." Browse templates by
category; even download a free template to check out the quality. There's some real nice stuff


All Web templates come complete with CSS or image rollovers and PSD files. If you're looking for
something a bit fancier, they also offer an assortment of Flash templates. All templates are compatible with Frontpage and Dreamweaver.

3) BasicTemplates:

I really love this site. The templates are top quality and designed using external CSS. You can join as a member for a one time fee and access all of the templates or purchase them individually. Easy to browse by category.

4) TheTemplateStore:

This site offers a nice selection of templates searchable by the editor you plan on using, such as
Dreamweaver or FrontPage. They also have templates for GoLive and even Swish. Most start at only $15.00and they go up from there.

5) Template Monster:

Although a bit on the higher end, the designers at Template Monster are a talented group. You'll find
some real gems to download here. Each template comes complete with PSD files. Download the free site template to get a small sample of what you'll be purchasing.

Don't let your lack of design skills stop you from being the proud owner of the site you've always
dreamed of. With the right template you can have a professional looking site and no one need know
you didn't design it yourself. Shhhh, it'll be our little secret!

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