Sunday, October 11, 2009

"JV Partners Wanted for Personal Development Giveaway"

Hey Kids,

Hope you having a great weekend. Anyway, I want to invite you to The Personal Development Giveaway which will launch on Oct 26th and run untill Nov 16th.

The promotion will have thousands of visitors in just a few days. So the exposure will be great. The promoters, Scott Drake and John Yeo have asked me if I knew anyone that would want to participate in this venture, and immediately I thought of my blog readers.

We have all heard of Giveaways, but some may not know what a Giveaway Event is all about. This is an online joint venture site, where hundreds of marketers from all around the world participate. The main aim is to build a genuine subscriber list in a very short amount of time.

It goes like this:

1. JV Partners provide a gift for people to download

2. The gift will have a lead capture page so that site visitors can sign up to collect the free gift.

3. JV Partners promote the site to bring more and more people into the event.

In this way, everyone wins.

1. The visitors win because they can download products for free that they can use immediately.

2. The JV Partners win because they build their own subscriber lists very quickly.

Not only do you win in terms of large subscriber numbers, you also win financially.

Join Now and take advantage of this opportunity to grow your subscriber list:



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