Monday, November 09, 2009

"How to Integrate Clickbank Affiliate Links Into Your Website"

If you're trying to make money online, you either have to have your own product/service or promote someone else's. Usually this is in the form of what's called "affiliate programs." Follow me

Clickbank is the largest marketplace online for finding products you can resell. You can earn commissions from 1 to 75% on over 10,000 digital products that Clickbank offers. There is no charge to sign up as an affiliate. Once registered you'll need to find the specific merchandise that you want to promote.

So now you're all signed up and excited about all of the money you're going to make but how do you get people to click on your affiliate links? There are plenty of ways to promote & market affiliate programs from ezine ads to using Pay Per Click Search Engines, but recently some new ways have been developed that allow you to easily promote your affiliate links via your own website.

Similar to PPC Search or Contextual ads the ads appear in blocks to the right/left or top of your web pages. Your affiliate code is hard coded into the ads shown and the advertisements are related to the content of your page. When people click on the links and make a purchase, you earn commissions.

Let's examine a few of the options for integrating Clickbank links directly onto your website.

1) CBClicks:

Free to sign up, just make sure you have a Clickbank ID first. The ads shown on your web pages are targeted by keywords you select. For example, if your site is about ebooks you would choose "ebooks" as one of your keywords, and the ads displayed on your website would all be related to that word. When someone clicks on an ad and makes a purchase from the Clickbank merchant, you earn commissions on each and every sale.

2) ClickSensor AdWords:

Not a service, but a powerful PHP script that places ads similar to "Google Adsense" on your website. Again, these are Clickbank affiliate product ads and you'll earn commission when someone clicks thru and makes a purchase. There's no need to supply keywords, as the script spiders your pages and then matches each page with related ads. Once set up, you'll cut and paste some JavaScript onto your pages where you want the ads to appear. They offer 11 different ad styles to chose from, including towers, buttons and banners.

So next time you're tempted to show someone else's ads on your site, you may want to consider using one of these Clickbank Ad Services instead. Why earn pennies on the dollar displaying any advertising when you can promote your own affiliate programs as integrated website content and earn commission at the same time. Expanded contentand money, now that's a good thing!
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