Thursday, December 31, 2009

“Blog Profits 2010” Free Ebook

Hi Kids,

Now that you’re done opening your gifts, and finding out you got nothing you really wanted, let’s move on to getting drunk and enjoying the new year <LOL>. Funny how we get so excited and do so much work for just one day isn’t it? But we do it every year. So usually every year I’ll go out and buy myself something I really want, even if I don’t need it. Sort of like my own special Xmas gift. Hey, I’m worth it. I’ve been thinking about an Amazon Kindle but not sure if it’s worth almost 300.00. Will see.

Anyway, Lynn Terry has put together a free 10 page report for all you bloggers or wantabe bloggers.  It’s called “Blog Boost 2010”. In it she gives you a checklist of things to think about when it comes to growing and maintaining your own blog. Good stuff Maynard. Of course, Lynn always puts out quality material. You can download your own copy at the link below. If you like it feel free to pass it along to others. Just please download it to your own site first.

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