Friday, January 01, 2010

Free Ebook- "Traffic Generation Tactics"

Hello and "Happy New Year!". It's hard to believe that 2009 is over already. I had so many goals and things I wanted to accomplish and I think I only made it through about 1/4 of my list. Well, at least I have one, right? Most people make resolutions right now, ones that they usually won't keep. Me, never make em. The way I work is to continually set new goals, short term and long term ones that I want to acoomplish don't need a holiday to remind me to do that. If you've set "resolutions" good luck with that, but it just doesn't work for me.

To start out on a high note I'd like to offer you this free ebook written by Boogie Jack that I stumbled across today when reading his ezine. He's an excellent writer, covers all topics of web design, and traffic and also enlightens us with his philosophy. Boogie is the "real deal" been working the Net since before you even knew what it was . Traffic Generation Tactics can be downloaded here

It's 28 pages in PDF format and covers a variety of tips and ideas you can use to generate traffic to your website or blog. I promise you're going to love it.

Image courtesy of "The Stock Solution"


  1. Hi Merle,

    I received a Google alert about your post. Thanks for sharing the ebook with your readers. :)

    We haven't talked in a while, I hope life is treating well.


    PS - I didn't know you were a mermaid. ;)

  2. Hi Boogie

    I also Tweeted about your ezine to my followers. Are you on Twitter? Things are fine with me and I hope they are with you too. Us "old timers" gotta stick together. Yea, I've been a mermaid forever but sometimes the tail gets in my way


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