Monday, January 11, 2010

“Become a Constant Commenter”

They say that you can spend too much time on the Internet. If your business is based there, you most likely spend a great deal, if not the majority, of your time online. So, while you are there, why not do everything you can to make all of that time count.

It cannot be stressed enough that the key to long term business with a stable customer base is relationship building. Customers who feel that connection will stay with you. The same goes for readership. And, that's ditto for building rapport with business associates.

To that end, become a constant commenter. Don't just be a silent witness but get involved in social networking, business forums and blogs. If you've been on the Internet any amount of time, you've most likely found sites and blogs you regularly frequent.Take some time to learn about these sites and others who frequent them.


Blogs are fun places, because there you can interact with others who also like the blog. You can write your comments about new posts, read what others have posted and respond to them as well. You may get into a lively conversation with the blog owner. BAXTER (2)

Think about some of your favorite blogs? Have business associates suggested their blogs to you? Mention their name when you post your first comment to give them credit for leading you there. It can be hard to keep up with so many different blogs on a daily basis. Subscribe to their RSS feeds and then use a feed reader to view the updates in a quick and easy fashion.

When you get the updates, go take a look. If you find something that interests you, comment on it. Commenting says that you have read the post and have an opinion.

While your comments can be short and sweet ones, I don't suggest making a habit of only swinging by to say Hi and little more. Saying things like “Great post” can also be misconstrued as you didn't actually read the post at all but are piggybacking on someone else's feedback or only there for the link back to your own site. 

A rule of thumb you can use is this: If you can contribute to the conversation with quality information or questions, do so. If you can't - don't leave a comment on that particular post.

Becoming a regular commenter on your favorite blogs may lend itself to more ways to promote your website. You may be asked to become a guest blogger for these blogs. Then, you'll get a bio to talk about yourself and your website business.


Business forums can help you find answers to professional questions about running your business, business plans, joint ventures and the like. It is a give and take gathering place where everyone can benefit. The keyword being "everyone." Keep in mind, most forums don't take kindly to visitors who are there to simply promote their website and not participate.

Use these forums as they were intended to be used. Comment as much as you can where it is relevant. Give advice and ask your questions. Offer links where appropriate and just become friendly to others.
You are no doubt using your signature line to promote your website. Others will actually click on it when they trust you. Some may even have constructive comments about your site to help you move along. You may not have gotten those helpful hints if you didn't participate.

Commenting on blogs and in forums is one way to show that you are involved. As others get to know you, they will gladly click on your site link and recommend it to others.


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