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“Fun Apps for Your Droid”

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Droid and iPhones are so much fun because there are thousands of apps to download that can turn your phone into everything from a personal trainer to a fax machine. It's just downright cool. Even though I've been experiencing issues with my phone since the Froyo software update, I still love my Motorola Droid and wouldn't think about giving it up. Well, maybe for a Droid 2 <grin>

So how do you know which apps to download? Here's a list of my personal favorites. let me know what you think. I use, or have you used most of these on a daily basis. So many apps, but never enough space.

If you think of any I missed please post them in the comments section.

Files Anywhere

Directly upload, download and send files from your Android Phone.  Share, manage, email and fax remote files.


Share contacts info, pictures, calendar events, and more just by tapping two phones together. Works with Iphone and Android phones.


It’s easy to avoid a speed trap when you know where they are.

Where's My Droid

Lost your phone? Send a text message of "wheres my Droid" from any phone to yours and it will start ringing even if it's on vibrate. Cool.


Post to your blog, edit comments and more.

B&B Gallery

A better photo and video organizer then the default one on the phone.

HandCent Messaging

A Better Text messaging program. The factory installed one leaves a lot to be desired.

My Lookout

Protects your phone from viruses and also will locate it for you if lost. Back up your data too. All free.


Know what the weather forecast is in a jiffy and keep your eye on any approaching storms.

Twitter for Android
I love Tweeting from my phone.

Gmail for Android

Access your gmail account.

Alarming Alarm Clock

If you lead a busy life you need an alarm clock. This app gives extra customization to the built in program.


Read and Post Facebook Updates on the go. Be notified immediately of new comments.

SatSports Log

Monitors walking or Running Distance, hiking and bicycling too.

Blogger  Droid

Post Pix to Blogger and more.

Photoshop Express

Photos underexposed. All is not loss, edit them with Photoshop.


Why buy a GPS when it comes built into your phone.

Custom Car

Allows you to put all of your driving apps in one convenient location- Now with three home screens with six customizable shortcuts

Printer Share

Think you can't print from your phone? Think Again. With this app printing out pix is a breeze.


Read more then 700,000 books from  your phone. Free, no Kindle required.


Listen to Internet Radio and customize your own channels.

Daily Horoscope

Call me superstitious but I still get a kick out of reading what the stars have in store for me.


Tether your computer to your phone's Internet connection. Allows your phone to be used as a modem. Nice.

A replacement app for the built in messaging app.Loaded with extras like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures and more.

Juice Defender
All of these apps put a lot of strain on your battery. Last longer with Juice Defender. It’s like Viagra, but for your phone <LOL>

Gives you the ability to take music files and turn them into ring tones.
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