Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In Memory of TeddyBear

In Memory of Teddy Bear:
Born 9/30/98- Died 1/11/06

By Merle

In childhood most of us had a stuffed “teddy bear”.
It brought us comfort and security during the times
that we were scared.

As an adult I obtained a dog and named him “Teddy
Bear”. He was my best friend, my son, my life,
and everything we shared.

But God stepped in and took him away in a cruel
& heartless way. I prayed he would get better
and come home with me to stay.

He fought so hard to live, although he was very ill,
he tried and tried to come back to me, but in the
end he left me still.

Every morning I wake up and search for his sweet
little face, but it’s not there and neither is he and
he’ll never be replaced.

His sweater lies by the door, his food bowl on the floor,
but I know he’ll never use them, he’ll never walk back
through that door.

His little bandana still smells like him, It’s all that
still remains, there’s a hole so big in my heart,
I’m feeling so much pain.

My precious boy, my “little man”,
Wherever you are- I miss you every day,
Someday we’ll be together and in my heart,
You’ll always stay.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I had to go through a similar situation with my dog years ago and it was the worst thing I ever experienced. We will never know why your baby had to leave so soon, but you can feel good knowing that you gave him the absolute best life he could have had. That was your gift to him.


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