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Paypal: "Finding the Right Solution for You"

Paypal: "Finding the Right Solution for You"

By Merle

If you're like me, you probably use Paypal in
order to take payments for your products and
or services online. But Did you know they
offer a multitude of solutions depending on
your need?

Paypal was founded in 1998 and today has over
86.6 million accounts. Owned and operated by
Ebay, they are one of the easiest methods
of sending and receiving money on the Net.

Let's examine some of your options as a
PayPal user.

1) "Website Payment Pro": Allows customer
to pay on your website with a credit
card or they can pay with Paypal. No
separate merchant accounts or gateway
needed and Paypal hides in the background
making it a seamless experience for your
customer. You must have a business account
to use this feature. You'll be able to
accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express
and Discover.

You can also accept orders by phone, fax,
or mail at no additional cost with
virtual terminal. The best way to use this
payment option is with a shopping cart.
You'll find a list of third party solutions

Fees range from 2.2% to 2.9% and .30
per transaction depending on your monthly
sales volume. There are no set up or
gateway fees and no cancel fee.

Right now there is no monthly charge to
use "Website Payment Pro" but they have
stated after 2/1/06 it will be 20.00 per
month. To learn more see

2) "Website Payment Standard": Customers shop
on your site and pay with Paypal. Fees range
from 1.9% to 2.9% and .30 depending on your
monthly volume. No set up fees, monthly fees,
or gateway charges. You can accept these
cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express,
and Discover.

Paypal makes it simple to add payment buttons
to your pages. Simply copy and paste HTML
that they provide. You can accept donations,
subscriptions, and recurring payments.
For more on this option see:

3) "Virtual Terminal": Allows customers with
a business account to accept credit card
orders from customers who don't have a
Paypal account. It can be used to accept
credit cards by phone, fax or mail. It
gives some functionality as a standalone
credit card processing terminal. It can
also be used to generate and print packing
slips to enclose with your shipment.

Virtual Terminal is included with Website
Payment Pro service or it can be added to
a "standard account" for 20.00 a month and
small transaction fees.

To apply you must have a Paypal business
account. Once accepted you can access Virtual
Terminal through the "merchants tool tab" in
your Paypal control panel. For more see:

4) "Email Payments": Customers receive a
bill via email and pay using a credit card
or their PayPal balance. No set up fees and
there are multiple ways to request payment.

A) Paypal Invoice: Send professional invoices
you create that contain a Paypal payment
button the receiver clicks on to pay. For
more information on this option see:

B) Request Money: Log into your Paypal
account then go to "request money" page
and type in your customer's email address
and type in the amount owed. Click send.
For more see

C) Quickbook Wizard: Download and install
this add on for Quickbooks that allows you
to create invoices and launch the wizard
to send the bill via email to your customer.
For more on this option go to:

Now that you know there are so many options
to choose from you might want to re-evaluate
how you're currently using Paypal in your
online business. If you haven't been taking
advantage of the many powerful options, now's
your chance to implement the solution that's
just right for you.


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