Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween From Dakota and Gia!

This was my first Halloween without Teddy Bear, and it's a little tough. Every year I have this tradition where I dress the dogs up in costumes and take their pix. I then create cards or flyers and send them out to about 40 of my friends. This was Gia's first year and since she just turned a year old she wasn't very cooperative. Trying to get her to sit still is like trying to kill a mosquito with a needle...impossible.

Dakota on the other hand is a ham. He'll literally "work for food"....if you know what I mean. He has food issues and is in sore need of Jenny Craig services for dogs....if someone would invent that they'd make a fortune. Here is my creation for this year! Happy Halloween Teddy Bear....and to all of you! Posted by Picasa

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