Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photrade- Paid for Your Pictures

Photrade : How would you like to get paid for your photos?

A new twist on a great idea. Get paid for your pictures at - Name any price for your prints, they'll take care of the rest, get paid for views and clicks of your photos too. Sign up at the site for free.


  1. the "eyemFocused" picture is clever!

    I just found out about this site yesterday (yeah, I don't get out much).

    I can't wait until their "Portfolio Advertising" function is fully, well, functional!!

  2. This is Krista from Photrade - thanks for posting about us. We hope that you enjoy our site!

    We are currently Beta invite only, but you can request an invite at - we would love to get your feedback.

    Thanks and we hope you enjoy our site!


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