Sunday, January 06, 2008

Generator Software’s Header Generator

Generator Software’s Header Generator

Header Generator is a very useful point-and-click
software program designed to create header graphics
for your websites.

It’s been proven that well designed header graphics draw
attention and can boost your website conversion ratios
up to 30%.

The problem is most people are not graphic designers so
it can get expensive to create these type of graphics
every time you create a new website.

Header Generator eliminates this problem making it a
very cost effective alternative to hiring a graphic

Since the software program has been built for people
with very little technical or design skills, it is
impressive just how quick it can be to create a header
that matches the layout and design of the rest of your

With this program there are no restrictions as to the
number of header graphics you can create and with over
300+ templates included in the package, it’s very easy
to get started.

Check it out at...

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