Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Repxchange Beta

Repxchange Beta RepXChange: Do you sell things on Ebay and you've had it with "undesirable bidders". These are the bad buyers that no one wants to have to do business with. This site was started by an ex-Ebay Power Seller and helps you collect user ID's to add to your "blocked bidders list" on Ebay. This is a list of bidders with whom sellers have had a bad experience with and no longer want to do business with. The power of it is in the numbers.

The purpose of RepXchange from the site itself:

"RepXchange allows sellers to generate and download a list of bidders who have slighted other bidders in the past and add these IDs into their own blocked bidders list. By doing so, sellers proactively protect themselves against bidders who are likely to cause them loss of time, money and reputation."

If you're a heavy Ebay user you might want to check this out.

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