Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BubbleTweet.com- Add a Video to Your Twitter Page

This is really pretty slick. You go to the site put in your Twitter user ID and make sure you’re camera ready, as you’ll then be taken to a page to record your few seconds of fame. Then you’re given a new Twitter link where you can send all of your friends. When they get there they can see you’re smiling stupid looking face and hear you speak. Like I said it’s free won’t cost you anything and you’re friends will think you’re slicker then shi….The only thing I wished was that you could add the code directly to your twitter page so you didn’t have to have a totally separate link, but hey, beggars can’t be choosy.

To create your own Bubble Tweet go to: http://www.bubbletweet.com/

If you’d like to poke fun at my creation check it out here:


Be nice with the comments, I’m very sensitive. <grin>


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