Saturday, March 20, 2010

“5 Super-Simple Steps to Starting an Online Business”

Why do gurus have to make starting an online business sound so darned hard? It's really not difficult at all, and, in fact, it can be broken down into five steps, most of which can be done for you. Don't believe me? Here you go:

1. Have Susanne Myers research a niche for you.

2. Have Kelly McCausey set up a blog for you.

3. Have Nicole Dean create your content for you.

4. Have Nicole & Susanne monetize your blog for you.

5. Then, promote your new blog! (You can even outsource that, too, if you'd like.)

Wow. I'll bet that sounds expensive. Guess what? It's actually not. I'll break it down for you a bit further and explain each of the steps above and you'll see just how super-simple it is for you to get a blog up and running, in a profitable niche, with content, in no time flat.

Step One: Find a Profitable Niche.

Easy. Get Respected Marketer, Susanne Myers, to research and find a profitable niche for you, including keywords and even blog post titles. She's already done the work in advance so all you have to do is point and click and you're ready to roll.

Each of her research packs includes the following and more:

· Detailed niche description

· List of affiliate products available

· 100 domain name ideas (plus list of modifiers for hundreds more)

· Detailed keyword report for over 1000 keywords

· 100 article and blog post ideas

· 15 different author resource boxes

Just swing by to see what she's got available.

Step Two: Get a Blog Set up for Free.

In order to have your own website or blog, you need two things:

-A domain.

-Web hosting.

The cool thing is that I know of a web host that will actually install your blog for you so you can skip the grunt work. Just swing by to sign up for your web hosting. As part of the deal, they'll install a WordPress blog for you, free of charge.

Step two, done. You've got a bare-bones blog now. (Although just to let you know, for a very reasonable fee, the owner of will customize your blog and make it look really cool, too.)

I also am a big fan of

For beautiful themes check out Premium WordPress Themes

Here’s a free Expert WordPress Installer.

Step Three: Get Content.

Here's the next shortcut for you. Swing by and you can grab prewritten content for your new blog that's copy/paste ready for you to use.

Now, the content should be reworked a bit by you so that it's different and unique.

Here are some videos to help:

Also, for PLR Content check out PLR.Me

And another good source for PLR

Step Four: Monetize Your Blog.

This is another step where people tend to get stuck. But, guess what? Nicole and Susanne have already done the work for you here, too.

With every niche pack from Susanne's site, you'll receive recommendations for affiliate programs that tie into the topic. And, with every pack of PLR articles that you purchase from, you'll also get affiliate recommendations.

So, sign up for some of the affiliate programs that Nicole & Susanne recommend if they appeal to you and add some promos to your blog.

You'll want to incorporate recommendations inside your blog posts eventually, and perhaps do reviews and interviews with the product owners down the road, but for now, you're up and running. Don't get hung up on this. You can always tweak it later.

Step Five: Promote your new Blog.

Here's where the rubber meets the road. It's time to promote your new blog. To me, this is the fun part, but I know it's where a lot of people panic.

Here are five quick and easy ways to promote your new blog.

1. Add your blog link to the bottom of your forum/message board posts. (See? That wasn't so scary.)

2. Leave comments on popular, related blogs in your niche. Here's a list of 20 Internet Marketing blogs if that's your niche:

3. Post on Twitter whenever you write a new blog post. To brand your Tweets check out MarketMeTweet

Download your Free Twitter Report and learn how to use it in your marketing efforts.

Manage your Twitter account with ease Schedule tweets across all your Twitter accounts, send DMs to all your followers. Vastly improve your productivity on Twitter with Socialoomph

4. Guest blog on other blogs for exposure.

5. Create some videos and post them on YouTube with a link back to your new blog.

6) Publish an Ezine: The only way to collect email addresses of your visitors and build your own opt-in list is with your own ezine. If you're not publishing, I strongly suggest you start and add a sign up box in the upper right hand corner of every page in your site. To learn more about ezines,

7) Use P.P.C:  That's "Pay Per Click," for all you newbies out there. If you're not using Google Adwords and Yahoo you need to open an account today.

To learn more about pay per clicks go to:

8) Swap Links: You've heard it before but it bears repeating: find other related blogs and swap links with them. Not only will it give you a slight boost with the search engines, but it will also enhance your site for your guests by giving them more related resources to explore. Check out

9) Write Articles: Write short articles such as this one and distribute them to article lists and other ezine/blog publishers for possible inclusion on their site, ezine or blog. Try to keep them short under 500 words. And use a good resource box offering something for free. This tool should help with the writing process.

10) Press Releases: Try to come up with a news angle for your blog and compose a press release and submit it to the media. If just one person
picks up your story you can get a large amount of traffic.

Check out:

11) Promotional Products: Have pens, pencils, notepads and other promotional items printed up with your url and give them away. Try

Get URL plates for your car at:

Also check out Google Social Search Secrets

I also recommend this free course if you're a complete beginner and want to learn more about web traffic:

Of course these steps are basic and I could certainly dig in further, but, I promised you that this would be super-simple so that's it. Now go do it!

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