Friday, March 20, 2009

“ Makes it Easy for Others to Retweet Your Tweets”

I’ve been using Twitter a lot more lately and discovering more ways to take advantage of this twitter_button push type of marketing. I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for using it and specific types of “tweets” they like to get. Me, I like interesting sites and articles. Things I can learn from to help me with  my online marketing. Not so much interested in what you had for dinner last night or what you’re watching on TV. Sorry. I know it makes you human, but not so much what I want to know. TMI…..

If you use Twitter you know how important it is to get others to “retweet” your tweets. If you don’t know that means they take what you sent out and send it out to their followers. This is called “retweeting”. 

Here’s a really slick service called RTLinks that shortens your link and at the same time makes it simple for others to retweet your message. When you shorten a link the page that comes up when someone clicks on that link has a frame at the top which includes a link to easily “retweet”, a link to your profile. Simple to use and free. Check it out at

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