Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Ebook- "Make Money Blogging"

Blogging is an endeavor tried by many, deserted by some, and works out really well for others. There's a lot of work involved and there's no shortcut when it comes to doing it, and doing it right. According to "The Future Buzz" 133,000,000 is the number of blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002. That my friend is a staggering number. But hey, there's always room for one more.

If you're new to Blogging or you've been thinking of starting a blog of your own. Daniel Scocco of has written a free book entitled "Making Money with Blogs". He's been blogging since 2005 and today earns a 6 figure salary from all his efforts. In this ebook he shares the core principles of what he learned along the way when it comes to having a successful blog.

This ebooks weighs in at over 50 pages and it's very nicely done. The font is large enough to make reading online or off easy on the eyes and the formatting is excellent. Basically, it looks good kid! Now if you're a seasoned blogger,this ebook is not for you it's mostly geared towards the beginner, someone just getting started with their own blog, or the person who's been thinking about it but not quite sure where to start.

Daniel covers a lot of ground with topics such as:

- Domain Name and Hosting: The importance of where your blog "will live" and choosing your own domain.

- Making Money Online- Can it be done? Yes. Here he points out the importance of specializing in one niche
and really focusing on a topic. Choosing something you're passionate about always makes for a better blogging

- The importance of good quality content to build community.

- Using headlines with emotional hooks

- Where to come up with topic ideas to write about.

- The importance of sticking to a regular publishing schedule

- Design and Usability- Food for thought with links to some free resources that will really help you.

_ Mistakes some bloggers make and how to avoid them.

- The importance of building relationships with other bloggers.

- How to build traffic and promotional tips and ideas such as commenting on other blogs, exchanging links, guess blogging, even Social Media.

- Making money with ad networks complete with links to popular networks and services.

Like I said it really is well written but mainly suited for the beginner. I give it 2 thumbs up. If you'd like to grab your own copy you'll have to subscribe to his ezine to gain access by going to

To learn more about Daniel and how he got started check out this interview at follow him on Twitter at

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