Monday, February 22, 2010

"How to Get the Help You Need"

Roadblocks. We all have them. What do I mean? Well, no one can possibly know everything there is to running an online business. No one. Not me. Not you. At some point you have to get help. In some way, shape or form.

The most successful entrepreneurs outsource -- they pay freelancers to help them with either one-time or ongoing tasks. But, did you also know that there are other free ways to get this type of help?

I didn't realize that either, until I checked out the Outsource Weekly course from Jimmy D. Brown & Nicole Dean. I'm loving it. Yes, I'll pay for things like Graphics, but I didn't realize that I could also get other jobs done without paying money up front.

Well, I won't tell you everything. Here's an excerpt provided by Nicole & Jimmy from their course.

After you read this excerpt, be sure to check out the full course. They pretty much cover all aspects of an online business - what the task is, if you need to do it for YOUR type of business, if it can be automated instead of outsourced, and, if you do need to outsource it, who to go to.

Outsource Weekly Excerpt
by Nicole Dean

If there was one thing I'd go back and outsource sooner, it would be my customer support and my emails.

Why? For a number of reasons...

Benefit #1: It takes a LOT less time now than I ever spent.

I've never been accused of being aloof, so I'll tell you like it is.

This is embarrassing, but oh well.

I have “shiny object syndrome”. In fact, I think that most internet marketers have a bit of ADD where any shiny object pulls your attention away from the thing that you're doing.

Emails, instant messenger, a new product that's launching that everyone's talking about, a cool website, phone, twitter, “ooh a new friend found me on facebook...” etc.

“What was I working on again?”

When I was answering my own emails, I'd run off to investigate the answers or find out more about the topic, click through on the links that were sent to me, or just plain old get sidetracked and head off to work on more pressing matters.

I'd get shiny object syndrome and spend an hour answering an email and come back and go “oops, I never responded” because I'd run off in 100 different directions between opening the email and hitting send.

So, when I finally outsourced my emails, I was quite embarrassed to see that the virtual assistants were only spending 15 minutes/day on something that was taking me a lot more time.

Benefit #2: It keeps me more positive.

You know the story. You get one crabby person who is just downright mean, for no reason at all. Well, some people can let that roll off their backs, but, when it's your business that they're talking about, it can feel awfully personal in a hurry.

My poor hubby had to dry some tears after one particularly horrid woman came after me, repeatedly being mean. And, she wasn't even a customer! ((shudder))

Benefit #3: You're Going to Have to Do It Eventually. The Sooner you Do It, the Easier the Transition Is.

Anyway, I'd held off outsourcing my emails for a long time, because I couldn't believe that anyone would take as good of care of my customers, loyal readers, and JV requests as I possibly could.

That was until I realized that Bill Gates doesn't answer customer questions.


So, in essence, I was again punishing myself for success. The BIGGER my business grew, the more emails I'd get – the more miserable I was and the more I was stuck on my bottom, working many more hours than I'd cared to.

Success had again became a punishment for me.


This course is the perfect starting point for any beginner. You see, Nicole & Jimmy have this thing called "integrity" that has caused Nicole to pour a lot more into this course than she ever imagined. When interviewed recently, she stated "I can not teach people how to Outsource a task until they understand 1. if they need to be doing it, and 2. how it should be done effectively. Otherwise, they're just throwing money away."

Check it out by clicking here.

PS. Here's a great ebook loaded with hundreds of resources for outsourcing your business. Download it now.

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